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Inverted Defiance: The Perversion of Christianity, Part 2

The first part of this series closed with Grushenka's parable of the onion:
Once upon a time there was a peasant woman and a very wicked woman she was. And she died and did not leave a single good deed behind. The devils caught her and plunged her into the lake of fire. So her guardian angel stood and wondered what good deed of hers he could remember to tell to God; ‘She once pulled up an onion in her garden,’ said he, ‘and gave it to a beggar woman.’ And God answered: ‘You take that onion then, hold it out to her in the lake, and let her take hold and be pulled out. And if you can pull her out of the lake, let her come to Paradise, but if the onion breaks, then the woman must stay where she is.’ The angel ran to the woman and held out the onion to her. ‘Come,’ said he, ‘catch hold and I'll pull you out.’ And he began cautiously pulling her out. He had just pulled her right out, when the other sinners in the lake, seeing how she was being drawn out, began catching hold of her so as to be pulled out with her. But she was a very wicked woman and she began kicking them. ‘I'm to be pulled out, not you. It's my onion, not yours.’ As soon as she said that, the onion broke. And the woman fell into the lake and she is burning there to this day. So the angel wept and went away.
The tale illustrates the failure of the peasant woman to learn the truth of pseudo-Orthodox Christianity. That is to say, Orthodox Christianity as Dostoevsky knew of it: a combination of (1) the Torah, (2) the Redacted Jewish Gospels ("RJG"), and (3) the Boy Rape Idolatry Club Stories ("BRICS").

The Torah forms the basis of the entire narrative of this new religion. It introduces the reader and/or worshiper to the deranged sky toddler, Yahweh, a jealous, myopic nincompoop who creates things in order to cause suffering and be worshiped for his greatness. The Torah outlines a religion in the style of its main character, being at once as deranged and purposeful as its emblem. It is selfish, self-contradictory, and violent; it is expansive, grandiose, neurotic, and suffers from low self-esteem, alternately praising and scorning itself. Perhaps most importantly, the Torah's religion is expressly Jenomic--genetically, ethnically, or racially exclusive, as you prefer--limiting its impact to those who have been blessed with its legacy. The Torah establishes a caste system between the descendants of various of Adam's children, which is useful for the "in" group of Jihading Jews (who are commanded to lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, and slaughter the rest of the world), but which is terrible advertising for gaining converts, since one cannot select one's genetics subsequent to birth.

As a manifesto for thousands of years of cunning murder, the Torah succeeds. It's a kindergarten-level version of The Prince and The Art of War, limited in scope to the Chosen. If the initial Jenomic assault should fail, though, and Earth prove resistant to the infestation, the Torah must be politely sidelined, or else the audience will realize what the magician is doing.

Subsequent to this "Old Testament" come the RJGs. These sanitized gospels introduce a new character, Jesus: a hippie mystic with a vague, overlapping series of origin stories, who exhibits modest, selfless, universalist behavior. Connected to the Torah, even these heavily edited Gospels present a confusing mess to the innocent reader. Here, Jesus blithely dismisses thousands of years of Torah law; there, he vaguely potentially reaffirms or dodges or disavows this or that piece of rabbinical tradition, in such a way that neither his words nor actions make clear that he's referring to the Torah, things he previously said that week, or to anything else on the planet. The Jesus found in the Revised Jewish Gospels is completely unlike Yahweh, yet by placing the RJGs after the Torah, any references which Jesus makes to his nameless "father" are implied to be references to Murder McTantrum in the clouds.

The Jesus of the edited Gospels directly attacks the entire Jewish world through his actions. He defies, argues with, and fosters rebellion against various racially supremacist Jewish leaders, utterly dismissing the integral genetic component of Yaldabaoth's works; he overthrows (again) the concept of usury, and its connection to temples (which will later be reverse-edited back into the "pro" position by the BRICS); and, he is ultimately martyred by a Torah-dominated society. Subsequent to that death, history (the actual STEM-approved kind!) records the martyring of large numbers of the followers of this Jesus by a joint Torah-pagan military-usurer empire.

After the RJGs come the BRICS, in which a new character is introduced: the Man in the Yellow Tall Hat. See, the thing is, after Popular Figure was murdered by the Evil Overlords, it turns out that Popular Figure returned to life just long enough to tell Televangelist the secret of the instant pressure-point death-fist. It was then Televangelist's duty to travel the world charging $399.99 for his special DVD series on exactly how to perform the instant pressure-point death-fist, because he so loved his people. Which is to say, after the Jew-pagan military bank murdered Jesus, Jesus returned as a zombie to ask a shabbos goy guy named Peter to work with the Jew-pagan military bankers to carry out the onerous (and risky) melakha of invading central and northern Europe.

(If you're interested, The Protestant's Dilemma is a good modern entry in Boy-Rape philosophy, making the compelling case that the Jew-pagan military bankers who murdered Jesus and the earliest Christians, then assembled mountains of gold and jew els to shape into pretty idols to worship, are, in fact, the only true Christians.)

This is what is now broadly considered "Orthodox Christianity." It did later occur to the descendant of one of the raped and massacred German tribes that it might not be a good idea to believe the bullshit story about zombie Jesus telling Peter to establish an infallible private hedge fund that would oversee two thousand years of warfare. Unfortunately for Luther, his attempt to limit the BRICS influence on Christianity only struck from the latter end: the Torah remained attached to the Revised Jewish Gospels, the original gospels destroyed by Constantine were as yet still lost, and Dostoevsky knew only of Judeo-Islamic Christianity.

Orthodox Contradictions: The Meaning of the Onion

Dostoevsky's work is full of many wonderful reflections on sin, mercy, and forgiveness, including Ivan's dialogues with the Devil, in which the latter reveals that he knows he will one day have to ask for forgiveness and do penance himself, and Father Zosima's wish that, by praying for everyone for whom no one has ever prayed, he might save everyone who ever lives.

Why did the onion break? A lack of penance; a lack of acknowledgement of sin. The peasant woman is in the lake of fire because she failed God's last test to see if she'd gained true love and compassion for her fellow man: the onion broke because, by trying to kick others free, she was still seeing only her own desires. God, of course, programs the tensile strength for all onions in creation, and the onion parable is, like the Garden story, another of the Judeo-Islamic god's little Garden-tests. The omniscient Jehovah knows that the onion will break, because he knows that the woman will not modestly and sweetly hold on, bow her head, and pray for the strength of hand of those other sinners clinging to her--he knows, like he knew that Eve and Adam would be tempted by the serpent and eat the Apple and be thrown out of the Garden. Dostoevsky is brilliant to have gotten this; to have employed the onion in a way that so consistently matches the Torah's character.

What makes the onion parable special, though? Well, consider the guardian angel. God, in the story, knew that the woman was damned. He knew it, at the latest, at the instant of creation, when he knew all things. And he let reality play out for thousands (or billions, whatever) of years, until the peasant woman had proven, from cradle to grave, that she just hadn't gotten it--that she deserved the lake of fire. Even then, after death, the guardian angel was so good, sweet, and giving, that he tried to save her. He pleaded to God again, came up with a pretty crappy (and isolated) act of charity, and got another chance; he visited the horrors of Hell, etc. And the woman ruined it, and still the guardian angel wept for her. (Readers may notice the similarities between the guardian angel's relationship to the peasant woman and Myshkin's to Nastasya, as one of endless, self-flagellating giving. Idiots indeed.)

It's all very sweet, but the mangled mass of the Torah's plagiarization, Jewish plots for racist world domination, and self-serving gospel edits, has produced a compelling contradiction in today's pseudo-Orthodox Christianity. Namely, the holiest thing that one can do under the Bible is to go to Hell in place of another person. The old moral question of why an omniscient god would need to permit the world to run at all, in order to separate wheat from chaff, arises from the nonsensical crap that was produced when the edited gospels were conjoined to the Judeosupremacist filth of the Torah and the poison pill of Catholic orthodoxy. Lutheranism didn't save it; the Reformation removed the largest part of the worldly edifice of perversion from Christianity, but adopted all the inherent problems of "Catholicism"--the Jew-pagan bankster thugs' racket--by retaining the foundational texts which the bankers' earlier revisions had produced.

Why did the peasant woman deserve such intercession? Why does Zosima (the idealized Orthodox Christian) argue for it, and for the salvation of others? Because the infinite love and compassion of Christ, toward which the Christian is supposed to (unsuccessfully) strive, extends to those who don't deserve it. This crippling flaw in the holy orthodoxy (if you believe), this contradiction in the metaphorical narrative (if you don't believe), exists because the incomplete character of hippie-Jesus, when surgically grafted onto rabbinical Talmudism and sandwiched beneath Jew-pagan imperialism, was made wrongly saccharine.

Why did the Jew-pagan banksters crucify Jesus, and why did He allow it? If Christianity is real, He died for humankind's sins...except that He only died for the sins of those who would accept Him, except, those who have accepted Him should sacrifice and struggle and martyr themselves in hopes of bringing those who killed Him, and don't (and will never) care about Him, to His grace and salvation. The guardian angel, the Myshkin, the Zosima, the bleeding-heart liberal, should cut out his last pound of flesh and give it to the greedy Satanist, because that proves he is more like Jesus, ergo (perhaps) worthy of salvation. Dostoevsky probably understood the contradiction here, which is why all of the heartache Myshkin caused Aglaia only failed Nastasya in the end anyway--and why the onion broke.

Ideal JIC Christianity would involve praying to God that He takes you and casts you into Hell in the place of someone who deserves Hell more. "Let them enjoy paradise in my stead, as you suffered on Earth in my stead." It's easy to endure slings and arrows on Earth if you're doing so by banking on eternal paradise thereafter, while the sinners suffer in the lake of fire. If you truly believe, and if you truly want to sacrifice of yourself like Christ, then you pray to Jesus with utmost sincerity that He consigns you to Hell in order to spare someone else that suffering.

Why would sinners be expected to forgive the undeserving? Because they are themselves imperfect. That would be fine except, per the Judeo-Islamic Christian ("JIC") worldview, Yahweh knows ahead of time who will be saved and who will not, so when you try to save someone who is unwilling, you're going against the divine plan. We've long ago learned to accept these contradictions as part of, either:

JIC: "God has a plan. He's like Obama, playing eleven dimensional chess, torturing and assassinating children only because of a greater plan to stop the Rethuglicans. Therefore, blind Torah-reading and selective application of my preferred take on interpretive metaphors."


Anti-JIC Atheist: "What obvious bullshit the Bible is. Therefore, selfish material nihilism and rent-seeking."

As Calvin (and many others) have shown, Yahweh's omniscience means that the destiny is already laid out. JICs regularly rebel against this idea, coming up with reasons why free will can combine with omniscience without producing some form of predestination--but they have no textual support, only a mixture of cultural feel-goods and personal metaphor-based interpretations of the JIC Bible.

The complete gospels--the heresies that the Jew-pagan banksters tried to destroy, along with the early Christians they murdered--avoid all of this. They offer an explicable, STEM-friendly narrative, one understandable by the human mind, and one not filled with inverted interpretations, inherent contradictions, and the necessity of justifying Yahweh's juvenile mental asylum behavior. If you're someone who believes in this stuff, like, as reality, then it's pleasant to receive Christ's message free of the malevolent interference of Satan and his Pharisees. If you're someone who views all the Bible stuff as forms of metaphorical narrative or mere human cultural indicia, then viewing actual Christianity, untainted by Judeo-Islamism, can be pleasant. Suddenly, all the bad stuff you've thought about "religion" and "Christianity" can go away, or at least be understood in context, like when you read the full book of a movie Disney has previously ruined, and realize, "Wow, this was actually a really meaningful story."

(That is why it's so important that people who think of themselves as Christians eventually separate the Torah from the Gospels, and focus just on Christ, instead of on the reliable promises of the bankers who fed Christians to lions. The horrid weight of Yahweh will sink Christ's message further into obscurity unless the anchor can be detached from His ankle. If you actually believe, you have a huge responsibility to find out which of Christ's words the Pharisees and the Roman usurers tried to conceal from you, and to trust in Christ, rather than in wealthy idols, to give you the story of creation and its meaning. Joined to the Torah, "Christian" churches will continue to embarrass, continually reinventing themselves as hip Unitarianish dross. In another thousand years, at this rate, JIC marriage services between an LTC and her two human partners (underage clonecest husbands who have already adopted fifteen of their cloned selves and are planning on marrying them, too, next year) will be conducted by transsexual priests in hijabs, and only the worst sort of bigots will claim marriage wasn't always that way. *Llama to Chimpanzee Transspecies)

The Jenomic Utility of JIC Beliefs

The perfect JIC prays for sinners to be saved, works to take away the burdens of the lazy, and is endlessly sacrificing in pursuit of this goal. In a worldly sense, the perfect JIC assumes that he is too stupid to understand God's plan. It's the perfect state for a goyim to be in.

JIC orthodoxy has proven amazingly effective at driving increasing numbers of people away from Christianity. Particularly as science, time and time again, embarrasses the Torah, and as Islamism further supplants Christianity in carrying out its Judaic mission of world butchery, Christianity crumbles from the seats of worldly power. And of course, all along the way, Christianity has had to be imposed primarily by the coin and the sword. Many European peoples are now realizing that Christianity is being used to play on their emotions, causing them to spend trillions of dollars "uplifting" and proselytizing to people who don't care, forgiving unrepentant bankers and warmongers, and welcoming wolves into their very homes. Many think this is a relatively recent phenomenon spawned by "cultural Marxism."

Not so--JIC fake Orthodox Christianity was designed to be this way since before Nicaea. The attempted destruction of Europe could be said to have begun when the first Torah-adhering warbands moved in, but that's a little controversial, so forget about it and move forward. Jump to early Christianity, when a powerful pagan society began to follow Judaic monetary and slaving laws, import foreign slaves as citizen-workers to support a small banker-pampered bourgeois, and develop indirect trade and currency manipulation. This Jew-pagan empire increased its attacks on its neighbors, and after a while, Christ--either the literal rebel or the metaphorical expression of many different peoples' grievances; you decide--showed up and spoke out against usury, Torahtic genocide, the genetic caste system, etc. He and his followers were murdered, and his name was co-opted and attached to a new religion, JIC, which use the Torah's methods of total extermination and enslavement to crush free Europe and place it under the Pope and his council of boy-raping yarmulke-wearers. The most effective and complete colonization, murder, and enslavement the world has ever seen occurred in Europe, at the hands of Christians. (Not "real" Christians, if that helps anyone.)

We all know what happened next, right? All of the slaves of Europe started getting attacked by yet another form of Torah-based religion, Islam, which demolished Mediterranean trade, drove hordes of cowering slaves into the protection of feudal lords who paid licensing fees to the Pope and his cabal of child-raping priests, and brought on the Dark Ages. Pure Torah merchants spent centuries gouging un-cosmopolitan day laboring serf-trash goys; corrupt JIC Gospel homos groomed young acolytes and listened to lusty confessions in exchange for the gold of a continent; and, horny Judeo-Islamic sultans raided the coastlines in pursuit of generations of white fucktoy children.

Yeah, yeah, and after that, there was a Reformation, and some of the slaves started getting restless, and used science to build tools the more-Torah-bound couldn't build, and the invasions got thrown back a little, and some of the merchants were thrown out, and the pervert priests started to see their power slip away, albeit very slowly. And somehow, the secrets of the atomic bomb modern weaponry got leaked to the Soviets Caliphate (how the hell does that keep happening, dammit?), but still Europe held on.

JIC Orthodoxy, though, had another surprise in store for Europe--a surprise called "colonialism." Not that long after Luther had begun the resistance to the JIC perversion of a continent, it became apparent that Judeo-Islam was too weak and internally disorganized to take the world. The time had come to tap the "Christians" for another genocide. The kings and queens of Europe began receiving offers of credit, foreign assistance, gold and jew els for chartering ships that would set out and explore the world, making them rich while uplifting the poor heathens by spreading the message of JIC.

We'll pick up next time with the Torah's most widely-known colonialism, followed by the Torah's recent Islamic blowback. From there, we'll move to a discussion of what remains of actual Christianity: how actual Christianity refutes the Torah, either literally or metaphorically, and how it provides a coherent, non-self-contradictory worldview that is of increased utility both were it an accurate supernatural description of existence, and were it a mere literary fantasy meant to foster better behavior from individuals and communities.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Perversion of Christianity

Ever since some people came up with the idea for a story about Jesus coming to Earth--or, if you prefer, ever since Jesus came to Earth--the idea of a religion based around the tale--the idea of a "Christianity" of any kind: as a modest philosophy; a private religion, or, an organized supernational force--has been brutalized, wretchedly spoiled, and left in such a sorry shape that its many sundry horrors, be they millennia of internecine warfare or but a single late night televangelist--are surprising not because they persist, but because they number not a thousand times greater. The pollution of this otherwise quite useful story lies in the indirect influence of Yaldabaoth, who, again, may be construed as either an extant demiurge--the tantrum-throwing shit-spirit of competitive molecules--or, as a virulent Jewish memetic parasite, meant to cripple all future religions by binding their fate to the plagiarized screed of the Torah. Hamstrung by these either divile© or narrational limitations, what has passed for Christianity, since the either fictional or literal brutalization of Christ and the actual Christians, has been a pitiable, broken farce. Ever suffering from the albatross of the Torah--rife with un-Christian hatreds, un-scientific stupidities, and un-divine plagiarism--the story of Christ is rarely told except by the news corporations owned by the enemies who hold H/him captive. That's a pity, because, whether Christianity is real divine guidance or prescientific social traditions woven into a metaphorical morality barometer, whatever it was, is, and will be, should not be consigned to the dustbin of dumb blindness--where it justifiably belongs if Yaldabaoth's counterstrikes are taken as, shall we say, gospel.

Torah v. 1.99999

Orthodox Christianity, in either the divine sense of the gospels of Christ and His disciples, or the personal interest in an interesting piece of fantasy literature which helps frame one's worldview, created a massive threat to the Torah's plan for world domination. Before we can reach the point where Christianity appeared, and was then perverted, we must discuss the Torah itself. The Torah, much like its more direct successor the Qur'an, was a war manifesto pieced together by an incestuous tribe of racial supremacist child-rapists. These nomads moved about the Middle East, marrying their cousins, preserving their mangled sub-racial purity, murdering their more distant cousins, and blatantly stealing oral histories from across the region to write into a genocidal manifesto that they attributed to an imaginary figure known as "Moses." These Jews did not conceal their motives, expressing plainly in the Torah their belief in their own superiority, the wrongness of polluting their blood (by promoting inbreeding and punishing outbreeding), and the necessity of murdering outside infants in order to take their land. The Jewish strategy at the time was to move into a nation of settled peoples, grow angry with them, murder them all, ascribe the deaths to the will of God, then move somewhere else and do it again, with the eventual goal of taking over the planet.

The above is all Torah basics--uncontroversial histories of how a superior incestuous race, constantly fretting over its own unfair victimization, was forced by sheer justice to murder everyone else. Unfortunately for the Jews, their divile task of exterminating or enslaving lesser races, controlling the entire planet, and burning down and destroying all archaeological evidence of other civilizations, did not succeed in time to wipe out evidence of their plagiarism. The divinity of Yahweh, as he appears in the Torah, is called into question by the number of direct and badly-veiled literary thefts in the manifesto for a worldwide Israel. Most famously known is the Jewish plagiarism of the Gilgamesh story for the Noah story, with God's motivations added retrospectively, and the Jonah and the Whale human fable, also adapted to fit in with Torah rationalizations, and the Ten Commandments and various Mosaic laws as ripoffs of Hammurabi's Code. Archaeological evidence has suggested that some of the battles that the Jews claimed in the Bible that they won against the Egyptians were plagiarized off Egyptian victory monuments, and that a volcano eruption which may have destroyed a city in the Middle East was retroactively used as "Sodom" to justify reproductive quotas, and repress the inbreeding-based rise of anti-Levitical acts that threatened to damage the warfare process. Like the vanished Mormon cities of the southwestern United States, the Jewish triumphs of the Torah find no place in archaeological history. Living subordinate to the pharaohs, and being driven away, does not a Red Sea make.

Torah as Narrative Alone

What if the Torah is real? What if it's only a story?

The Torah's program for endless jihad is inhuman, awful stuff. Dashing those Canaanite babies against rocks, only to pillage the land and move on, like a horde of locusts...whether real crimes or mere fantasies, the Torah is the nastiest religious text on the planet, easily less humane and more pompous than a slasher movie. If a fantasy, it's indicative of a sickness so terrible that it's no surprise that the authors of the Jesus fantasy never had Jesus name His Father. If real, it's the manifesto of a dark god; a proof that this world is another world's hell, or something similar, and that the creator is obsessed with murder, rape, and eternal pain. In either case, the Jews' retroactive divine justification for massacre and genocide is horrifying. What crimes were committed, then sanitized by being made part of a book about some God's "will"? How many cities of North African and southwest Asian farmers were poisoned and killed to the last infant, then pillaged by traveling warlord-merchants, then written up as deaths caused by "a worldwide flood" (based on a story the villagers had told the nomads when they'd moved in a year before)?

Thank goodness no one follows the Torah anymore. If anyone did, and if the Torah's ultimate plans were successful, then future generations of goytrash slaves would learn on the internet that the Great Climate Change killed all of the Evil Human Polluters, while only the Recently Freed Jewish Slaves escaped on their Space Ark through the help of the Jehovah Computer Program. Like I said, thank goodness no one's trying to carry out that kind of agenda, anymore. You can relax now.

Morally, a real Torah doesn't deserve to be followed. The God that inspired the Torah's plot events would be evil. Similarly, a narrative-only Torah would be the ramblings of a madhouse patient. A narcissistic, paranoid tribe of mental patients obsessed with slavery, menstrual fluids, callous insemination, delusions of grandeur, and simultaneously, crushingly violent worries about inadequacy. If so much of it wasn't plagiarized, the Torah-as-fiction could be studied as an insight into a DNA-obsessed madman's mind, but with the plagiarism taken into account, it becomes valuable only as a cautionary tale.

Christians who are decent people can only stomach the Torah by assuming that the nastiness of the pre-Qur'anic rapist-murderers must've all been part of a plan to justify Christ, and since Christ is nice, and since powerful men in long robes and yarmulkes say the books go together, then it all works out somehow. After all, if Christ killed all those babies down to the last child for not letting a strange man stay in their family's house overnight (can you believe those dirty Sodomites? They actually thought that that man might hurt their families if they let him stay! Well, he sure proved them wrong...whoops...), it must work out on the morality scale. Somehow.

Torah v. 2.068244: Christianity's Drunken, Perverted StepFather Ruins Every Party

Coupled with the Torah, Christianity has become a joke for the post-industrial age. The Torah is so fallible, so archaeologically and scientifically provably-wrong, that connecting the Torah to the Gospels makes the Gospels look stupid by comparison. The Gospels tell a story of a guy going around and helping people, then being punished and executed for it. There are some miracles, but they're by and large nice miracles, like helping sick or dead people, water to wine, et cetera. Freed from its association with the Torah, all of the Gospel miracles look, if not believable, at least somewhat sweet-hearted and moralistic.

Ironically--or, perhaps, not so--it was Yaldabaoth's people who led the charge, in 1900s Europe and America, to make Christianity look stupid, based primarily on interpreting Christianity through its relationship with the Torah. The liberal Reform Jews of the Christian West make fun of Christianity, and rightly so, for the absurd one-week creation myth; the misogyny; the slavery; the fire and brimstone; the chattel marriages; the incest; the "two animals of every kind" tale...all based upon the Torah. The pro-homosexual attack on Christianity has been able to return, time and time again, to notions of wives-as-property, lifted out of the Jewish religious text and ascribed to the Christ narrative. Oft have been repeated variations on the anti-homosexual theme, "In Romans, what Christ alludes to is clearly the 'Old Testament' [Torah], which itself clearly states that..." and "Jewish law on 'sodomy' at the time was quite clear that..."

Jesus Christ's lack of concern for the details of kosher, semen, shit, piss, menstrual blood, et cetera, can only be explained away by trying to connect Jesus' words to the Torah. There are all sorts of gymnastics you can go into there, such as which "Law," exactly, Christ means when He talks about "The" Law, and whether or not a transcendent God is God of everyone, even genocidal Jehovah-worshipers, ergo when Christ says "the God of Abram" does it mean the God who makes possible all existence, or rather, the God whom Abram preferred to call God?

All kinds of doctrinal fun await. Great stuff is available for arguing with the Pharisees' unwitting intellectual descendants. For people who don't really care about and/or believe in the spiritual aspects of the various transmogrified Christianities available today, though, there's really something valuable worth looking at in the morality play spawned by actual as-written Christianity, discrete from the wife-beating, child-slaughtering, inanely creationist Torah. When you take all of that crap out, the assorted "New" Testament texts look less like batshit ignorant trailer language, and more like a pleasant, moral, and worthwhile cultural narrative.

An Earlier Attempted Murder of Europe

A great portion of the advantage gained by burdening the new Merely Metaphorical Story and/or Revealed Truth Religion of Christianity with earlier and later rabbinical usurer dogmas (viz. the Torah/Vatican) was in making the ideas expressed by original Christianity seem stupid and worthless through their connection to the ripped off bullshit of said dogmas. From having Adam name the animals one by one, to the petulant-child Garden story, to cheapening reflection upon sin and redemption by likening it to the foreseen inevitability of eating or not-eating the Apple, the Gospels' story is crapified by its connection to the angry sky toddler who deliberately makes imperfect toys, then burns them when they don't play properly. To the horror of postmodern wonderchildren, the great flaws of the "Bible" are not new; mass Christianity was always meant to be dissected as a stupid, crude, unoriginal bastard child of Judaism, which is why so many people had to be murdered into accepting it.

The pulsing hatred of the evil desert gods is clearly identified in the miasmatic psychological horrors of Torah and Qur'an: true children of the Jenomic death-urge, advocating interbreeding, rape, murder, chattel slavery, and total genocidal expansion. People who've already built up narratives designed to safeguard the forced integration of Christianity and Judaism will dismiss this out of hand, but people who have always hated "the Bible" may be able to find hope by salvaging a pleasant old fable from the midst of the surrounding dross. Jesus is drastically different from Yaldabaoth and Allah not because you are failing to correctly interpret the ways the different texts and traditions blend, but because they are not meant to blend. The good-natured Christian's curiosity over why Christ acts so differently than Yahweh is well-founded, based upon the corruption of the Christ-story by the Yahweh-story. In another two thousand years, the same type of Christ-narrative may become blended into the Qur'an, leaving future worshipers puzzledly asking their priests, "When Space Jesus says 'rape not thine children,' is He specifically refuting Muhammad's relationship with Aisha in the Middle Testament?" You laugh, but to someone who saw Christianity develop, coming back to Earth in the 2100s, and finding out while here that Christianity is now widely considered a fulfillment of that evil bastard Yahweh's religion, is equally implausible.

In the face of fresh Jenomic invasions against formerly Christian lands--the seemingly happenstance coordination between Jenomic bankers and warlords in ideologically attacking Christian societies, outright murdering Muslim ones, then throwing Christians and Muslims together into a too-small cage to peck one another to death--it is tempting to many to look for a grand cultural divide between Christians and Muslims, or an Occident versus an Orient. Maybe so, but if the Torah stays, the cycle repeats itself, for it has been repeated injections of the Torah that have assaulted Europe for over 2000 years. Christianity as we find it now cannot justly be called European, for it took a scarlet jihad to impose its strictures upon the survivors of tattered Europe.

Christianity's brutal history in Europe should need little introduction, nor Judaism's, nor Islam's. Those bound to Pharisaic jihad doctrine will have their defenses up, naturally, but those who are not so bound--because they're atheist, or agnostic, or what-the-hell-ever--can use the idea of actual Christianity to salvage some interest in the narrative detached from its horrible foster parents. Christianity as a transcendent metaphor, discoverable by anyone on any place or planet anywhere, makes for a really cool scifi. It's a non-doctrinal Buddhism, Hinduism, or Mercerism, where Christ's sacrifice is not a replaying of the pro-abortion, pro-mutilation, child-murder-fantasizing of the dark invader-god who masturbates to the BSDM aspects of seeing his slave bind Isaac to an altar, but rather, a message of divine, rational, integrative (or, at the very least, literary) morality that transcends any specific planet or people.

What happens to six-month-old babies who die before they can learn language and understand Christ?

What about good people who lived and died before Christ, or in parts of the world where they knew nothing about Christ, who would have completely and totally embraced Him and begged forgiveness for their sins and gone to Heaven, if only the trade winds had carried the missionaries slightly south slightly sooner?

Well, they, err, oops, it's bad PR to say they go to Hell, since even after murdering a million pagan infants in a deliberate centuries-long jihad, that might shock our donors, so, umm...Purgatory? Sure, make some shit up, that's plausible.

Endless dogmatic stupidities of the perverted Christ narrative--call it Successor Judaism, Proto-Islam, or Jenomic Christianity--are resolved when the narrative is freed from the rent-seeking claptrap of rabbis, imams, and priests ("RIPs"). All of the sort-of-nice feelings that people have about their own idealized image of this man who magically healed the sick and gave food to the hungry: all that stuff can be saved, and restored to its proper place, as either useful cultural trope or galactic BIOS, if we cut out the surcharging middlemen.

(People who think of themselves as Christians would consider themselves some of the fiercest opponents of what this one is writing. Yet they should not be so; they should realize that the bloody history, and the slow death of Christianity--its embrace of international finance; its hypocritical and self-negating flip-flopping in the face of popular opinion and popular science; its embarrassing fracture into a mess of overlapping non-doctrine that has popularized "hip" churches that have nothing whatsoever to do with the Gospels--was preordained when the original story was stolen from the ravaged corpses of the original Christians. If you call yourself Christian, and you want to see a world where Christ's message, rather than yet another version of Jenomic Death Cult, can be made known, you should at least try to suffer through this one's make-believe.)


A fiercer Christian flame never burnt than that found in Dostoevsky's literary longings. Even more than a thousand years after the destruction, concealment, repeated and traceable retconning and falsifying of the Christian story by the RIPs, people have found their way to Christian-like states of mind by selectively employing what remains of the Gospels, forcibly excusing the atrocious Yahweh, and blending in paganism, Zoroastrianism, and their own moral sense to create fetching behavioral guidelines, some of which are still with us today. Even so, the beauty they can reach remains tainted by that ancient Jenomic curse. The RIPs installed important doctrinal roadblocks that forever hamper their preferred version of the Judeo-Islamichristian story.

When we pick up next time, this one will begin by discussing some of the lesser-known flaws in the ramshackle construction of "Orthodoxy" that the RIPs threw together after a few hundred years of hunting down, murdering, and destroying the works of the survivors of the original Christians. Our prompt will be Grushenka's parable of the onion, which is quoted below in closing:
Once upon a time there was a peasant woman and a very wicked woman she was. And she died and did not leave a single good deed behind. The devils caught her and plunged her into the lake of fire. So her guardian angel stood and wondered what good deed of hers he could remember to tell to God; ‘She once pulled up an onion in her garden,’ said he, ‘and gave it to a beggar woman.’ And God answered: ‘You take that onion then, hold it out to her in the lake, and let her take hold and be pulled out. And if you can pull her out of the lake, let her come to Paradise, but if the onion breaks, then the woman must stay where she is.’ The angel ran to the woman and held out the onion to her. ‘Come,’ said he, ‘catch hold and I'll pull you out.’ And he began cautiously pulling her out. He had just pulled her right out, when the other sinners in the lake, seeing how she was being drawn out, began catching hold of her so as to be pulled out with her. But she was a very wicked woman and she began kicking them. ‘I'm to be pulled out, not you. It's my onion, not yours.’ As soon as she said that, the onion broke. And the woman fell into the lake and she is burning there to this day. So the angel wept and went away.
Where and how does Christian selflessness work under what is now called "Orthodoxy," and how did the rabbis, imams, and priests betray the highest potential points of their own self-serving story by throwing it together as sloppily as they did the reverse ten-dimensional calculus of the Trinity? How should it really work when it springs from a narrative where greater things exist than Yaldabaoth's bloody sperm? We'll begin there next time.

Monday, February 22, 2016

G.B.S. §§ 14-301-2, §6(C)-(F) (Rev. 2019)

I look all around me and see the beauty of the world. I took a deep breath and bathed myself in the flea dip and sat on the porch drinking my chai. I am convinced that there is some greater power all around each and every one of us and I am convinced that this power made me start blogging and made every one of you come here to read this blog.

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I guess everyone by now has figured out that I am on hiatus. That I'm throwing in the hat. That the beautiful summer has come to an end. When I started this blog, it was to start a blog. To have a soulful conversation with you. When I ended this blog, it was time to end. I'm just too busy. The dog, the cat, the kids, the boss, my health problems, the guy across the street who keeps repairing the exact same 1981 Dodge Dart year after year...I just can't take it anymore.

Thank you for the memories. Thank you so much for bearing with me through thick and thin. Thank you to all of those who came to ArkenCon 2018 at the Tuskegee Airport Hyatt.

Our summer fund drive is going very well but not as well as expected. Our goal of $250,000 has not been reached but we are on our way there. I don't think you realize how much it takes to run this blog. First you have to create a Google account. Then you have to create a blog. Then you have to hit "new post" and right stuff about poignant events and other knews.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Guutale Gullét, the "Butcher of Somalia," Weighs in on U.S. Presidential Election

He's known as the "Butcher of Somalia": a tall, imposing, yet strikingly effeminate leader who controls much of eastern Africa. Gullét, the notorious paramilitary warlord of Somalia who goes by the nom de guerre Maqaarka Adde, or White Skin, walks within secured hallways far from Mogadishu’s Bakara Market, which was once occupied by fighters from the Shabab, the rebellion that once pledged allegiance to an independent Somalia. In one of the Market's trenches, the foot of a corpse pokes out from a makeshift grave consisting of some sand dumped loosely over the body. One of Maqaarka Adde’s militiamen says the body is that of a foreigner who fought alongside the Shabab. “My men bury their dead, and they also capture them alive,” says Maqaarka Adde in a low, raspy voice. “We took care of them if they were Somali, but if we captured a foreigner we tortured or executed them so that others would see we brought change.”

Despite such thug talk, Maqaarka Adde is not simply a warlord, at least not officially, anymore. Nowadays, he is addressed as President Guutale Gullét, and he wears a business uniform, complete with custom tailoring, armed guards, and sometimes, even a flag pin on his lapel. His men's weapons and his newfound legitimacy were bestowed upon him by the US-sponsored military, which currently controls large swaths of Mogadishu.

It is quite a turnabout. Fifteen years ago, no one had heard of him. Seven years ago, Maqaarka Adde was one of ISIS' quiet funding partners and the key commander of one of the most powerful conventional global military factions fighting to stamp out nationalist movements in Africa and the Middle East, in wars that cost millions of deaths directly, and millions more due to starvation, disease, and lawlessness. He openly admits to having sheltered some of the most notorious and highly skilled torturers--men and women whose names are never released to the public--and to having "inadvertently" provided weapons, visas, and millions of dollars in funds to publicly known figures, including Gen. Yusuf Mohamed Siad and Abu al-Baghdadi.

When the most recent wave of terror campaigns began in Somalia, Gullét was a relatively minor functionary. He lived in one of the country's most dangerous urban centers, but vested with millions of dollars and a constant staff of militarized police at his beck and command, he had little to fear. His duties at the time consisted mostly of rubber-stamping various "political adjustment" and funding initiatives floated by his superiors, helping spawn what the UN has called the world’s worst humanitarian crisis (as of 2011), and every day leaves more civilian bodies rotting in the streets, and more fleeing families stranded in the middle of nowhere, with nothing. At every step of the way, as both minor assistant, and then as "President" himself, Gullét has assisted his proxy force of Ethiopian invaders and CIA-paid warlords, by rocketing villages, killing goatherds, capturing refugees and “renditioning” them to Ethiopian torture chambers, and even sending in openly avowed “death squads” to “kill anyone left alive” after bombing strikes orchestrated by his western allies. At every step of the way, Gullét's parliamentary input into his forebears' government, followed by his conduct after seizing power some years ago, has conducted and assisted operations that Americans once would have considered the stuff of old-movie Nazis, twirling their waxed Prussian moustaches as they send a young mother off to a concentration camp, or order artillery barrages on residential areas, or dispatch death squads to pump bullets into the heads of human beings left twitching, burned and bloodied after a sneak attack by Stukas.

When President Gullét took office in early 2009, his forces increased their military involvement in and around the region, partnering with the CIA and JSOC for years of intensifying air and drone strikes in Somalia and Yemen. Gullét ordered his forces to begin openly hunting people who resisted. In September of that year, Gullét authorized the targeted assassination of Saleh Ali Nabhan, a rival for power in Somalia. A team of thugs flew into tribal lands and gunned down Nabhan, then collected the body for a trophy.

By late 2010 the Gullét regime unveiled what it referred to as a “dual-track” approach to governance, whereby Mogadishu would accept increased western aid from Washington in exchange for improving relations with regional and clan leaders in Somalian rural areas. “The dual track policy only provides a new label for the old (and failed) Regime's approach,” observed Somalia analyst Afyare Abdi Elmi. “It inadvertently strengthens clan divisions, undermines inclusive and democratic trends and most importantly, creates a conducive environment for the return of the organized chaos or warlordism in the country.”

The dual-track policy encouraged self-declared, clan-based regional administrations to seek recognition and support from the United States military. “Local administrations are popping up every week,” says Aynte. “Most of them don’t control anywhere, but people are announcing local governments in the hopes that CIA (sic) will set up a little outpost in their small village.”

Gullét earned his nickname from that assassination program--Somalia was, unfortunately, only one of the many theaters in which "the Butcher" performed--but to international observers, he was already a butcher for his work in the Ethiopian invasion years before. In early January of 2007, he cooperated with his predecessor warlords to launch a three-pronged war between Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia. Militants in Camp Simba, a Kenyan naval base located on that country's sandy coast, received urgent orders: Drop everything and pull everyone back inside the compound wire. Then they were instructed to immediately clear a couple acres of dense forest. Task Force 13, an elite special-operations unit, needed to land three helicopters of reinforcements.

"We had everybody working nonstop," says Lieutenant Commander Habane Mushar, overseer of a force consisting of Somalian troops as well as foreign mercenaries. By the next day, every tree had been hauled off and the field graded and packed down using heavy machinery. The pad was completed in thirty-six hours.

Soon after, special operatives flying out of Kenya were landing in southernmost Somalia, searching for survivors among the local peasants just targeted in a furious bombardment by a U.S. gunship launched from a secret airstrip in eastern Ethiopia.

The operatives' job was simple: Kill anyone still alive and leave no unidentified bodies behind. Once the Somalians had been exterminated, Gullét's predecessor warlord gave his mercenaries in Ethiopia the green light to invade. The plan was elegantly simple: Let the blitzkrieging Ethiopian army drive the Somalians from the capital, south out of Mogadishu and toward the Kenyan border, where Kenyan troops would gun them down on the coast. "We begged the Kenyans to get to the border as fast as possible," a source close to the Gullét military says, "because the targets were so confused, they were running around like chickens with their heads cut off."

Once boxed in by the sea and the Kenyans, the killing zone was set and Gullét's western allies' AC-130 gunships went wheels-up on January 7 from that secret Ethiopian airstrip. After each strike, anybody left alive was to be wiped out by successive waves of Ethiopian commandos and Gullét's special operatives, operating out of Kenya. The plan was to rinse and repeat "until no more bad Somalians," as one soldier put it.

Even after Gullét carried on his predecessors' policies of assassinations, starvations, and proxy warfare, many of his supporters have argued that the Butcher himself was not responsible for the deaths prior to his taking power. "The previous [two million] were already dead before he took power," says one analyst, while another claims, "Fewer than two hundred villages have been exterminated under Gullét, while [his predecessor] exceeded two hundred fifty. To compare them is, simply put, childish." The seeming puzzle of Gullét has set political scientists in contention for years. However, the question of Gullét's support for the butchery was definitively answered, recently, when western journalists asked Gullét to comment on the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

Gullét had remained mostly quiet about the election for several months. Recently, though, the question of the destruction wreaked upon the world by various warlords like Gullét had been presented to the candidates of both the American Democratic and Republican parties. The Butcher of Somalia was pleased to hear that all of the leading candidates supported his and his predecessor's work in Somalia. He spoke glowingly of Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton, Republican hopeful Ted Cruz, and offered quiet respect to the rest of the field, including Republicans Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, as well as Democrat Bernie Sanders. Gullét did not seem at all concerned about a Jill Stein victory; indeed, he had not heard of her, and grew upset when her picture was displayed. Strangely, though, when told that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump had criticized Gullét's predecessor's killing fields, and suggested a diminished role for warlords in the future, Gullét became irate: "Mr. Trump will not be president," he said while speaking to reporters in the Palace Hotel, Mogadishu. "And the reason is because I have a lot of faith in the American people."

Gullét told reporters he believed Americans still see their presidency as "a serious job."

“It’s not hosting a talk show, or a reality show. It’s not promotion, it’s not marketing,” Gullét said. “It’s hard and a lot of people die when you get it right.”


Blowback in Somalia, from The Nation, discusses the careers of some of Gullét's proxy warlords in 2011, two years after Gullét formally took chief executive and military power for himself.

I know no one cares about Somalia, from Chris Floyd, covers the 2008 conduct of Gullét's predecessor, which Gullét supported repeatedly and knowingly as a parliamentarian, which he continued himself as an executive military commander, and which he recently defended in February of 2016.

Somalia was a sideshow... by Madeleine Bunting, in the late 2011 Guardian, covers the first year of the Gullét famine.

Africa Command, from Esquire, discusses one of the operations Gullét fears future U.S. Presidents may not duplicate.

The careless, astonishing cruelty of Gullét's government offers George Monboit's four-year retrospective on one of the famines spawned by one of Gullét's proxy invasions.

Gullét says Trump won't be President, from ABC in 2016, reveals the Butcher of Somalia's least favorite candidate.

* * *

Some thoughts.

1) Which is worse: offending a million Mexicans, or murdering a million Arabs?

2) Which is worse: offending a hundred million Central and South Americans, or murdering a million Arabs?

3) Which is worse: offending five hundred million Americans, Europeans, and Africans, or murdering one hundred thousand Arabs?

4) An interesting aspect of this whole American election thing is the way manners are being presented as literally more important than millions upon millions of lives. This epoch has been likened to a new Gilded Age, or a new Victorian Age, and the whole Trump candidacy-whatever is really bringing that out. International warlords like Barack Obama are roving around the globe assassinating children and getting hundreds of thousands of people killed all over the place by pitting different countries against each other, while the media's main focus is on immigrants rather than on large numbers of people dying right now right now right now all those Senators are killing those people right now. This would be normal for America--the triviality of their money-making chariot race election crap--except that most of the people dying are poor, dark-skinned women, which should (in theory--always in theory, in America) throw the Talmudic media into a headline spree at least one million times larger than the one for the Mike Brown shooting. And they're ignoring Jill Stein, who is still anti-war (which is, again, normal for America), but all of a sudden, the entire charade has to re-justify Bush, which all the teevee people had decided was an idiot years ago, just to avoid anyone realizing that one somewhat-mainstream candidate's idea of not invading new countries is a doubleplusbad neverthink.

5) Yes, the dindus might (statistically, they would, of course) starve and make war on each other anyway, but not at anywhere near the scale they were enabled to do so by the infusion of advanced weaponry, transportation, and dizzying motivation provided by the U.S. and NATO. Try this math:

Dindus stabbing each other with spears: their fault.

A bunch of dindus in a large nation starving because they drove out skilled farmers and didn't know how to replace them: their fault.

NATO carpet bombing villages of dindus to weaken potential future rivals to Israel: our fault.

Dindus shooting each other with advanced anti-tank weapons designed by Raytheon in 2008, shipped to Somalia by a billion-dollar joint CSX-Maersk shipping contract in 2009, and set up and demonstrated by KBR onsite personnel, who have promised one set of dindus that special satellite pictures prove that the other dindus are plotting against them: almost all our fault.

A bunch of dindus dying from starvation and exposure because a bunch of Hispanic Army Air National Guard helicopter teams strafed their goat herds and fields and villages with D.U. before harvest season: our fault.

The irony of the terrible course of the American Empire is that its evil has always been cloaked in niceness. We laugh at "Manifest Destiny" now, and even in Marxist sociology departments in American universities (sic), it is permissible to critique modern "democracy building" as a new form of Manifest Destiny...and yet, clearly, the ending of war is not their main concern. Maybe not even their concern at all. Somehow, amazingly, the prospect of butchering another few million Africans is acceptable, just so long as a few of the survivors can become residents and/or citizens of the United States and/or Europe.

Was the whole anti-war thing really a fake all along? The Bush tortures, the Obama drones...the Clinton and Albright child murders, the roasted Vietnamese kids, the melted Cambodians, the nuked Japanese, the trenches of Europe...? Has the American "left," all along, really been pro-war, and just using domestic social feelgoods to disguise their true longing for living in thrall to the world's strongest and most brutal empire? Say it ain't so.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Porn Intervention

This graph represents the adolescent mind being exposed to pornography. As you can see, a series of successively increasing sharp spikes occur at points A, B, and C, representing the heightening arousal levels of the young men who volunteered to have their penises velcroed to electrical monitoring equipment by a committee of psychology, divinity, and women's studies graduate students, where point A represents missionary position vaginal penetration between an intraracial couple, point B represents rear-entry position by a different intraracial couple, and point C represents "respectful" oral penetration by a similar couple, but where the female partner has a tattoo and neon hair dye. The tragedy of pornography is best expressed through the dopamine records. What is dopamine? Dopamine is a natural substance released by the brain in response to heightened sexual arousal, but the part you didn't know about it is that after a time it becomes more and more difficult to elicit a dopamine response from the brain, resulting in erectile dysfunction and the termination of the human species. These peaks on the graph behind me show that after a time of exposure to fresh porn, the brain grows bored with it, and it takes greater and greater stimulation to make the volunteers' penises expand enough to stretch the velcro enough to trigger a reading in the sensitive electrical equipment to demonstrate an arousal-based reaction to the grant recipients in the other room, who are minutely attuned to variations in penile circumference yet blithely unaware of the world-historical significance of federal tax revenues being used to purchase bulk DVD packs from Steven Hirsch for distribution to university laboratories across the country.

The exponentially greater level of stimulation necessary to produce erectile success in the test subjects is of great concern to scientists everywhere due to the simple fact that, although porn is ubiquitous and at least 25,000 people are now watching porn at this very minute, it is unrealistic to expect that this cycle of arousal can continue. The chart clearly shows that erectile success is a boom or bust cycle, like unregulated capitalism, the bad kind of capitalism, the kind that establishes borders on markets, so we must swiftly move to reduce the amount of porn people watch without naming names or mentioning ethnies. You might find it surprising to see marxist feminists and white nationalists agreeing so precisely on a policy point, but that's essentially the point, namely that this kind of filth might be titillating but you're not a big boy so you don't know how to handle it, much like short-barreled shotguns or high-capacity magazines.

"I told you, Vera honey, put those garters away. The Mayor says if I see you in them before I hit thirty, we'll throw off our arousal curve, and sex will be over at forty-four instead of sixty-four."

"Aw, shoot! Well, all right. How about this teddy?"

"Next month. Come on, honey--just a month. I know you'll look so purty in it!"

It's not just one test subject with a velcro tension-wrap enclosed about his flaccid penis, sitting in a stiff chair in the Economics building one evening after classes, about to watch a smorgasbord of successively more risque porn for the good of science. Oh no, it's much more important than that. People are displeased with their sexual relationships now because they can't match up to porn. And the earlier you get exposed to porn, the less likely your erection is to work later on. We can see this effect clearly demonstrated through romance novels, which have caused dry vaginas worldwide for more than a century. Only now are men feeling the sting of limp dicks, for just as real men can't compete with rugged pirates who capture sheltered princesses while composing poetry and fighting off ten men at once with a shining rapier, real women can't compete with girls willing to do seven the hard way without any dice. I'm serious, I know, I was a porn addict once and it was only through the grace of God that I managed to save myself. One day you're innocently looking at drawings of the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland adjusting her dress, and before you know it, even doesn't do it for you, so you turn to, but a week later it's all "mehhh" and you have to microwave your Tenga in chili sauce just to motivate yourself to get out of bed in the morning. This was the exact fate of the Marquis de Sade, who after several novels had ruined western literature for all time, which is why no tenured literature professors are attractive anymore (literature professors at the great European universities used to be super lusty and desirable before the publication of Juliette).

Does society itself mimic this TED-manure? François included "interracial guro underage coprophagic homosexual snuff goat orgies" in his work. Five thousand years ago, captured orphans grew up as rape-captives in wartime. What, then, makes today's blacks-on-blondes cuckold gangbang so extreme that it threatens the wetness of our vaginas or the perkiness of our dick? The fact that it's on film? Is it the less vivid depiction of arousing concepts that threatens us so much? Different people, and/or more intelligent people, find different depictions or suggestions more arousing, be they verbal, literary, artistic, or merely scented. Is the increased threat from today's porn the fact that the dumb proles--the non-reading, non-imaginative ones, who require a centerfold or an HD feed--are the ones now able to be affected? The Marquis could only corrupt those with the time, patience, knowledge, and money to read his books, whereas Larry Flynt could corrupt anyone possessing eyesight. Is it the mere accessibility of sensation that bothers us?

Lessee,, no, I just realized, I should've started this lecture all differently. Here's how it should have gone:
This graph represents the adolescent mind being exposed to full virtual reality sex universes. As you can see, a series of successively increasing sharp spikes occur at points A, B, and C, representing the heightening arousal levels of the young men who volunteered to be immersed in the six-dimensional non-reproductive-intercourse verse, where a thousand years of sex can be experienced in only three minutes within the laboratory's temporal rearrangement matrices. While our grandparents explored their own sexuality in safe, tasteful ways, browsing "screened" computers in search of short film clips of people or groups engaged in sexual acts, today's pornography is an entirely different sort of assault on the human brain, which was developed over the course of millions of years to make it only safe to look at erotic images, rather than...
Okay, okay, that's how I should've begun this. But I didn't. Moving along, society continues to be able to shock itself, for so many people haven't really been aware that sex existed before they themselves became aware of it. When some half-shaven phallus with a T-shirt over his long shirt gets up on a TED stage to talk about porn addiction, it's funny and embarrassing, like when you read about how a thousand people were convinced to sign a petition banning dihydrogen monoxide. Oh, you didn't know it was already there? Sheesh. Civilizations have grown cleaner, richer, more powerful, ethnically pure, and numerically larger, since porn. Like drawings, books, movies, video games, immersives, whatever, a media can be corrupted and abused, and signal ZOG power, which can encourage the stupid among us to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Let's think about this more, while we're here: has society grown more extreme? In a senses, yes. Consider movies themselves. There are always more special effects, right? People too dull to seek meaning look for sparkling design changes instead, ergo The Fast and the Furious, black Lancelot, and garbage romance movies where nothing's different except the girl is a robot. Schwarzenegger had a great satire line about the way movies compete with each other to be progressively crappy in Last Action Hero, something along the lines of, "In dis movie, we only kill a hundrit thirty nahn people, in da last wun, we killed a hundrit seventy twho," as evidence of progress.

How has our desire grown more extreme? Take Bergman: his 1944 Torment is about a tyrannical teacher at a prep school. An affair with a non-student woman is referred to, but in the classroom, the teacher's tyranny is evinced by his stringent insistence that the students do their homework, learn their lessons, and repeat them in class. The antagonist's main problem is that he fails to temper his harshness even when otherwise very good, very responsible students have been studying hard for multiple exams at once, and miss a translation or two.

60 years later, by 2004, in order for Professor Snape to be considered a tyrannical teacher in the exclusive prep school in Rowling's Harry Potter series, the professor had to not only be imposing and exacting in his class, but:

1) Punish one set of students while vocally favoring another;

2) Publicly mock the social affairs of his students, the quality and skills of his fellow teachers, and the policies of the school;

3) Be a serial murderer in cohorts with a terrorist organization before and during his time teaching at the school.

The shock factor had to be turned up, not a degree or two, but well past anything even remotely plausible. Rowling was a childish wreck in her writing, at first uncertain about whether or not Professor Snape was good, neutral, or evil, then changing his character in her later books when she was so flattered to have Alan Rickman cast in the movie version of the role that she stopped mentioning Snape's unpleasant physical characteristics so much, and turned him into a fan-favorite and hero (as almost everyone became a "hero" by the end).

Comparing the murderer and ex-terrorist Professor Snape in Rowling's Potter, to the studious Professor Caligula in Bergman's Torment, we see a definite attempt by a lesser mind--designed, admittedly, for a lesser audience--to convey a message ("the spooky feeling of an overbearing teacher") using absurd extremities, when the communication skill is not high enough, on either end, to do so without adding in a few car chases. War movies from the "black and white" era to the "HD" era exhibit the same trend: popular tropes being regenerated in extremis in bad attempts to disguise their banality.

The same can be said about society, of course. Each new American presidential election is the most important ever, with the most money spent and the most breathlessly excited news anchors reporting. As the quality and intelligence of the electorate decreases, the grandeur of the rituals increases.

Should we, then, be afraid of special effects? Faster car chases, more detailed battling giant robots, better choreographed fight scenes, and more hedonistic pornography?

That would be the cruel trap, wouldn't it? Destroying highest expressions by association them solely with junk. By leveraging resources to make extreme emphasis or special effects seem irrevocably linked with "worthless," they can make us long for mundanity, as though mundanity, by itself, is greatness. Nonsense. That's another of the subtle tricks, more deadly than the overt ones that hit most of the Outer Party. What you must come to see is that, sometimes, maybe not very often at all, but sometimes, there should be a fantastic car chase in a great story, and maybe it should be well-rendered. That doesn't mean that the story to which it is attached is worthless. So too a giant robot battle. It feels squeamish to extend that logic to, say, a gangbang, doesn't it? Well, that depends. What was the creators' message? How do you approach it, and how does it affect you, and why? An evil man can do something wrong a quadrillion times, and not preclude the possibility that it can be done right once. With God all things are possible, eh? Or did you just think it was a metaphor?

(Sure, sure, maybe not here. Obviously. Just imagine a different place.)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

World Feminism Entertainment and World Championship Game

No matter how cunning they may have been in the past, the enemy would never set up public figures as "rebels," and would never be so clever as to permit those rebels to say some truthful, beneficial things along with some false, harmful things.

And even if the enemy were that clever, it would never possibly be so clever as to create a well-publicized outcry against one of those phony rebels in order to make that rebel's message seem more appealing.

If such a thing were to happen, one of the ways you could tell the fakes apart were that they would rise to sudden prominence on the internet by a cross-linking network of websites that cited to and referenced one another. These phonies would have swiftly obtained broad dissemination of their articles and published works, and would have swiftly put together professional-looking websites with robust comments sections. In conjunction with their rise, you would see that the "opposition" to these "rebels" would have boosted the rebels' ratings by frequently and loudly expressing outrage at them--thereby driving indignant or interested traffic to their message--and, in turn, the rebels would frequently mock and defame the establishment, thereby driving indignant or interested traffic to that message.

So, Vic Valentino and Rowdy LaRouche would build up the drama behind the scenes for years, calling each other names, committing indiscretions, getting caught committing indiscretions, calling out one another's indiscretions in public, and stirring up fervor in the audience, who would then believe that one of the fighters was good, one was bad, and more importantly, that the fight was real. And in the meantime, the tickets were $80 and you were spending time hating all of the Valentino fans for being such assholes, while they were spending time hating the LaRouche fans for being such assholes, and no one was building families or societies, which was the WFE/WCG's plan all along.


Really, though, that's an insult to good-natured kayfabe, when the desired end-result of the neomasculinist blog wars is not merely cheap entertainment, but another century of crumbling cities, parentless children, and animatronic waifus with three customizable orifices each.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Basic Existence: Memory Loads, Teleportation, and Transcendence

Skill Uploading and Cellular Memory

In The Matrix, you load the ability to pilot helicopters or do kung fu in an instant. USB 17.0 transfers all the styles and techniques into your brain, and with a flicker of eyelids, you're ready to duel in Zero G in a hybrid of Southern Tiger and White Crane, or execute corkscrew maneuvers in confined space with heavy rear rotor damage. That's fine for fantasy, but we know it wouldn't work "in reality," because the ability to do those things doesn't depend on knowledge alone. The complete and perfect memorization of kung fu forms, even to the point of accurately loading the lifetime experience of a hundred different masters, does not prepare the body for a duel, because the trivia components of knowledge alone, even combined with the memory and experience components, are not complete knowledge.

Take Neo--if he were to be loaded with decades' worth of human martial arts knowledge in a few seconds, he'd have that knowledge, but he wouldn't be able to effectively put it into practice. He'd lack the growth of new neural pathways designed to specifically support that knowledge, and he'd lack the physical muscle memory of how to apply his techniques, even if he had simultaneously possessed the memory of having that muscle memory--say, by having downloaded the life experiences of a guy who sparred five times a week for forty years. It takes time to grow those neural pathways, time to extend them to and between the muscles involved in each movement, and at the same time (sic), time to correspondingly strengthen (with the simultaneous development of beefed-up neural pathways in the new areas themselves) the muscles, ligaments, etc., associated with any given movement. Balance feedback has to be worked in there, too, along with dozens of other things.

How, then, to build a realistic Neo? We'd have to not only upload all that martial arts knowledge, but perform full-body surgery across all his systems to replace every component of any movement. Not only the brain, but the nerve endings stretching to all digits, and we'd have to beef up the parts of the heart that would coordinate instinctive breathing patterns in time with his new movements, and by the time all the capability was loaded, he wouldn't really be Neo anymore, let alone "Neo + Kung Fu," he would be something entirely different, a composite persona of Neo + Kung Fu + Sifu Wong + Sifu Hsia...and so forth. The experience patterns laid down in his deepest fibers, like waterworks below asphalt below cement below skyscrapers, which would be necessary to permit him to actually do all the cool stuff he needed to do, would make him no longer him. An improved him, maybe, but certainly no longer the "old" him.

The Star Trek transporter dissembles your molecules, so are you really the same person when you materialize on the other side? Does it make a difference if the teleportation technology incinerates your original body, then recreates an exact replica at the landing site, or if it simply "phases out" your original molecules, sends their pattern to the new site, and reassembles those same molecules? In either case, is it really you after teleportation, or merely an identical copy of you which will never know that the original you was destroyed on the "sending" pad?

During the course of a normal human lifespan, all of your cells eventually die and are replaced, ergo you're in a slow teleport right now. So, if incinerating the old body on the teleporter's outbox, then recreating a new one in the inbox, is the same as death and cloning, then so is normal, humdrum, pre-neolithic life. What, then, does existence mean, if switching out 100% of your atoms maintains in the mind the coherent impression of being? In Sixth Day, each new Arnold Schwarzenegger clone is a conscious being, completely "itself" after being eye-flashed with the memories of the previous Arnold--but in that case, unlike Neo in The Matrix, Arnold's body is being custom-built to the latest memory specs, therefore all the neural wiring and muscle memory associated with previous brain-only memory is coordinated to his most recent eye-flash.

Later Data on Selfness

Those introductory questions are interesting, if simple. We know that knowledge alone, and/or memory alone, do not themselves create capability. Great pianists can learn a piece perfectly without practicing it once, by accessing their years of prior muscle memory in the form of having played every note or chord previously, and building the brain-only pathways to connect memorization of a fresh piece to preexisting networks. Squishy little computer engineers, though, can't become great kickboxers through books alone, for the most assiduous study will not build the full-body neural pathways necessary to apply that knowledge to the body.

Terran science circa 2016 tells us that much--here, we know about "muscle memory" et. al. What we don't know experimentally yet, though, is that cloned bodies plus brain memory do not equal full capability, either. When science advances enough, we'll be able to do the following experiment:

Step 1: Perfectly clone the bodies of one hundred copies of 1995 Michael Jordan.

Step 2: Perfectly load the memories and basketball skill of 1995 Michael Jordan into each of the freshly cloned brains.

Step 3: One by one, awaken fifty of the clones in an isolated, sterilized stadium. Tell each one that it is 2085, and he is a clone of 1995 Michael Jordan being used in an experiment. Ask each one to show off some slam dunks. Record observations.

Step 4: One by one, awaken fifty of the clones in a different isolated, sterilized stadium. Tell each one that it is 1995, and that he is Michael Jordan, recovered from a vague but minor accident. Ask each one to show off some slam dunks. Record observations.

The results of such experiment(s) will later reveal that neither clone type--the one aware of its own farcity and the one believing itself genuine--will be as good as the original 1995 Jordan. Such data will show that, whether such clone(s) happens to be better or worse than the original, it is not identical, even if it thinks itself so. Barring the availability of an authentic 1995 Jordan with which to compare, later experiments will be able to demonstrate this effect by comparing clones in highly specific, highly quantifiable tasks of physical and mental dexterity, alongside the original experimental model as controlled variable--the original person used as a baseline, performing against her or his clones in, say, dance sequences, computer assembly, violin sight-reading--to prove that even with complete and exact duplication of the entire body, including aging cues and experiential growth of all bodily systems linked to instilled memories, performance is at best comparable, never exact, and frequently inexplicably divergent.

(And when it happens, there will be falsified results galore, as future AMAs try to prove that pre-loaded knowledge does create self by using very simple tests to "prove" exact performance. That's a later version of our usual battle here.)

Now, the above selection only represents this one's made up science fiction talking, but even if you don't believe all of my bullshit, consider the possibility that data later does show essentially that, and that this one merely guessed right in 2016. It's possible, right? Even if I'm not a super duper reincarnating space traveler here to save one or two people from Jenome, later memory testing will show either that uploading memories into clones produces essentially identical results, or it produces something different from essentially identical results. In the latter case, you and/or your successors will be faced with the dilemma this one raised here, namely: if knowledge and physicality do not create self, what does?

Deus Ex Machina

Here we reach the predictably mushy answer: some appeal to soul. Later experimental results from the Disney-Huffington School of Neurokinetics at Harvard will be heralded worldwide, proving that history is over and cells do create the sum of conscious existence, but nagging questions will remain among the Outer Party, and the occasional extremist wacko will claim that research is being falsified, grants un-granted, etc., in order for the corrupt elites to cover up the truth of divergent clone performance (which means that the individual deserves more freedom from the medical regency council, etc.). No matter: even before that point, and even without believing any of my make-believe, you already have the scientific tools necessary to prove the soul, since even twentieth century Terrans knew that all the body's cells die and are replaced during the course of a life. Ergo you're in slow teleport, like we already said before, and yet your sense of "you" persists. An illusion? The pro-reproductive side effect of reassuring memories? Sheer nonsense; it's wishful nihilism to claim that continuous maintenance of a coherent electromagnetic field by a rotating cycle of dying and reincarnating cells is reducible to matter alone. These philosophical questions have already been solved, which is to say, everyone must re-solve them again as she or her prefers. "I fell asleep, but I woke up, and it's still me. Therefore, I am."

Consider the science that happens long after the "clone memory loading" stage. Once a year or a century has passed during which the evil ones try to repress knowledge of observable transmaterial affects, newer experiments will be able to identify the electromagnetic structures that hold real knowledge. The next stage of the "self" will be discovered, in the form of EM packets attracted to EM fields through which they can utilize matter--including knowledge and memories encoded in a blend of EM fields and bodily molecules--to act. And is that the soul, and then the debate is finally over? No, never. Once that's discovered, the entire thing just restarts on the basis of new maths applied to those types of measurable energy. Which is to say, once machines have identified the energy signature of the human soul, the argument will be made that the soul isn't really "the soul" in the sense of grace or transcendence or any of that, rather, it's just another reaction dependent on higher-yet-still-impartial laws that we don't yet understand. The ancients would've viewed the discovery of DNA as proof of intelligent design, yet now that we know of it, it's used as proof of randomness. So too "the soul," later on.

The Itch

There's no accounting for taste in the pursuit of something transmaterial. Plenty of people do it the Abramic way, and plenty of people do it in the increasingly popular, equally plausible progressive way (if you'll excuse this one's use of the term). We champion the idea of transsexuals, or groups of brilliant and inventive African astrophysicists, because the image of those people overcoming material limitations makes us feel that we, too, could surmount matter, and be something enduring. We might someday produce an African Einstein, in the sense of someone able to plagiarize another's theories and be lauded for it for generations, but deep down we fear that we may never produce an African Tesla. That failure would cement our deepest fears of everdeath: for, if men cannot become women through surgical intervention, maybe we cannot overcome our own matter, ergo we are doomed to destruction upon the decay of our bodies.

Humorously enough, it's an ancient religious urge--a pursuit of grace--that causes people to support these causes (sic). We all inhabit these decaying meat shells, and have some sense of potential destruction. Even when the elites have developed ageless bodies, and created trans-galactic backup systems for their memories (updated by the second), the fear of a Big Crush, or a chain of supernovae, will still haunt them. Physical destruction of memory banks, or a gunshot wound from a robber: fear of death will remain even to the very advanced materialist, who has designed the entire material universe to reassure himself of unassailable perpetuity (again, think Yaldabaoth). The bitter fury with which frightened people defend their own notions of transcendence, however illogical, has its sources in many sicknesses. The greatest of these is the belief that, if matter's impact cannot be conquered, they lose. Sacred cows are defended by those who hear the whisper, If this is not true, then I will die forever.

This is where we see the fanatic urge for whatever the latest social crusade is. We're afraid that we are nothing more than matter, so we want proof of overcoming matter. Some people talk in tongues, some people believe in sex changes. If Tom can become Tammy, and if we can show faith in that, and if enough others can show faith in that, maybe it means that we, too, can surmount the bounds of matter and become immortal. Fear of being bound to the fate of decaying meat shell lowering...lowering...lowering...

What I'd like you to take away from this is the generalized awareness of "I am." The constant destruction and replacement of bodily cells, conjoined to your apparent maintenance of selfness, is the instant laboratory wherefrom you can conclude it's not only matter. If you're still around for memory backups and clone loads, you'll see external proof of that, but it isn't necessary. Conceive of yourself as the relationship between the decaying meat hunk, the information encoded therein, the EM packet connected thereto, and the information encoded therein--the latter two being the missing link that explains the divergence between tasks performed based upon uploaded abilities affixed to a different EM field, and tasks performed based upon abilities pre-experientially linked to the same EM field that originally experienced them. Some clones will outperform originals, depending on whom the body is hosting; the point is, the performances will not be identical, the way they "should" be.

This isn't meant to be a tear-jerking plea, as counterscience would hold. Rather, it's another piece of the process to work on understanding, as comparatively minor from a distance as watching someone learn how to ride a bike. Your hand is your hand, your soul is your soul, yawn, what's for lunch?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Some dude said:
It all comes down to the business model. Any man with the necessary talent can write a book of any length he wants, and certainly of any content. There is no limit to what literature can portray... other than his paper and ink, which are cheap enough to procure...Creating a work in a visual medium is considerably more expensive.
Yes, but once you've written that book, how much does it cost to do the following:

1) Buy original illustration copyrights and titling for the cover layout;

2) Buy reviews set to run in high-traffic websites, newspapers, and magazines disseminated across the geographical areas where your book's language is used, then gain permission to pre-quote selected pieces of those reviews on the dust jacket;

3) Print a million copies;

4) Ensure front-page placement for, front kiosk placement in the dwindling number of physical bookstores, "reading center" placement in department stores, and, most importantly, the pre-planned purchase of hundreds of thousands of copies by a nationwide network of taxpayer funded public and public school libraries...


The only remaining media for individual distribution is (minimalist blurbs on blogs or) illustration, where good drawing still has a chance to penetrate the tiny attention span of the average Outer Party member who can afford to buy a print. Even that level of independence is dying out, as factory-farmed illustrators and 3D modeling programs (which allow you to use templates to arrange, then produce, a large, complicated piece of visual "artwork") will eventually be able to fill the marketplace with so much fodder that--like books, movies, TV, games, pictures, etc.--the average prole/OP-member will no longer be able to find her way to the rare Jane Spectacular, nor have the processing power to tell the difference when and if~

Monday, February 8, 2016


Not like this! Nothing like the spectacle you have just given us, sir. Leave me alone, will you? No, George, if, as you said yourself just now, a lawyer said in open court that he found it quite natural that a man should murder six people because he was in misery, the world must be coming to an end. I had not heard of it before. Now I understand everything. And this stutterer, won't he turn out a murderer? I bet he will! He will have none of your money, possibly, he will refuse it because his conscience will not allow him to accept it, but he will go murdering you by night and walking off with your cashbox, with a clear conscience! He does not call it a dishonest action but 'the impulse of a noble despair'; 'a negation'; or the devil knows what! Bah! Everything is upside down, everyone walks head downwards. A young girl, brought up at home, suddenly jumps into a cab in the middle of the street, saying: 'Good-bye, mother, I married Marcus, or Jacob, the other day!' And you think it quite right? You call such conduct estimable and natural? The 'woman question'? Look here, the other day that whippersnapper told me that this was the whole meaning of the 'woman question.' But even supposing that your mother is a fool, you are none the less, bound to treat her with humanity. Why did you come here tonight so insolently? 'Give us our rights, but don't dare to speak in our presence. Show us every mark of deepest respect, while we treat you like the scum of the earth.' The miscreants have written a tissue of calumny in their article, and these are the men who seek for truth, and do battle for the right! 'We do not beseech, we demand, you will get no thanks from us, because you will be acting to satisfy your own conscience!' What morality! But, good heavens! If you declare that the nation's generosity will, excite no gratitude in you, it might answer that it is not, bound to be grateful to Abramovitch, who also was only satisfying his own conscience. But you counted on the nation's gratitude towards Abramovitch; you never lent him any money; he owes you nothing; then what were you counting upon if not on his gratitude? And if you appeal to that sentiment in others, why should you expect to be exempted from it? They are mad! They say society is savage and inhuman because it despises a young girl who has been seduced. But if you call society inhuman you imply that the young girl is made to suffer by its censure. How then, can you hold her up to the scorn of society in the newspapers without realizing that you are making her suffering, still greater? Madmen! Vain fools! They don't believe in God, they don't believe in Christ! But you are so eaten up by pride and vanity, that you will end by devouring each other--that is my prophecy! Is not this absurd? Is it not monstrous chaos? And after all this, that shameless people will go and beg their pardon! Are there many people like you? What are you smiling at? Because I am not ashamed to disgrace myself before you?--Yes, I am disgraced--it can't be helped now! But don't you jeer at me, you scum! He is almost at his last gasp, yet he corrupts others. You, have got hold of this lad. You have turned his head, you have taught him to be an atheist, you don't believe in God, and you are not too old to be whipped, sir! A plague upon you! And so, America, you will call on them tomorrow, will you?

(You know it's good when you have to change so very little. See you next time around.)

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Cosmological Selfies

The prominent ✡theoretician Marcelo Gleiser, who took Brazilian nationality, British education, and American income, recently tweeted, "The more we know about the universe, the more unique we become. What we do with this knowledge is, of course, a personal choice for each of us. To have this choice is the privilege of being human." Such drivel is the ontological equivalent of taking a picture of oneself next to a celebrity as proof that you had a great vacation, on the order of, "Look, there's me and Sol! He is so down to Earth!!!"

The subtler form of the message is the hellish whisper, "You are alone. You are an asparagus-flavored burp in Oparin's purposeless void." Poor broken ✡Yahweh can't keep himself from jettisoning his trembling sperm across ✡National Public Radio every few months, futilely trying to stamp out any possible vestige of hope, whether it comes in the form of quiet grace or sober experimentation.

The Nihilist's Rally farce offers itself anew: "If you really don't care, why aren't you home on the couch?" I don't particularly mind a bunch of idiot priests crowing about their theoretical fantasies, but all of these science popularizers produce worse entertainment than the latest summer apocalypse movie, and their suits do nothing to distinguish them from Jon Leibowitz. For Christ's sake, at least throw on a mitre and hand out some dollar-store cookies. But then, maybe the blurring effect is the whole point. Infotainment is infotainment in the land where all metaphors are grafted together at birth.

Deeper philosophy aside, even if you did believe all the speaking-in-tongues that these non-applied non-scientists engage in, it has got to be embarrassing to see lengthy three-part specials about how the entire human population should be engaged in endless mirror-gazing. Mom, Mom, look at me: yes, we all know that ✡Facebook has been part of making such self-promotion axiomatically adult; NPR, though, works to make it not only adult, but the end-limits of the highest form of human investigation. Philosophy and physics statements reach the public in the essential form, "Looks at us." No longer do they even have to collectively pretend that they have found something to do a science featurette; instead, nothing more is in order than congratulating the audience for showing up. Attendance equals straight As, as it were. And all this merely because Earth's stunted atmospheric flight capability and digital communications arrays have not yet located extrasolar purple Amazons interested in both having unrestrained sex with space-speculating theoreticians, and exchanging a diplomatic copy of one of their seven-hour andartonal operas for a diplomatic copy of our Straight Outta Compton with the reviews printed on the case.

"Bzzzz...Quelldorfh? Why it has the makeurge to procure on object which already has I procured?"

"Bzzz...ogglizziminizzigaphooh...not sense conundrum I answer to this time have, Scallmar."

"Bzzzz...horaash...very well. Into device reading insert capability. We observe shall, Quelldorfh."

"We observe shall. Zzzllp..."