Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Forgotten Dead

Skeletons of over 500 children who died during the Great Hunger were found seven years ago buried in a mass grave within what was once the Kilkenny Union Workhouse. With over three years of research on their bones, bio-archaeologists have been able to uncover the children's harrowing stories and medical secrets.

The new study, funded by the Irish Research Council, is based upon the “skeletal manifestation of stress in child victims of the Great Hunger.” Although it is known that more than half of those who died in the Great Hunger were children, little research has so far been focused on their experiences before death.

545 children were buried within the grounds of the Kilkenny Union Workhouse between 1847 and 1851, almost two thirds of whom were under age six when they died.

-From Irish Central on Christian-era workhouses.

Recently we discussed, in Rapespawn Kult, the idea that post-Christianization Europeans' recurring obsessions with stylized pre-Christianized Europeans drew upon evolutionary and historical understandings derived from inter-species and/or intra-species conflict. These trends occur with far greater frequency in European thought patterns than in those of other modern Terran peoples. The lusty hero from simple beginnings, yet endowed with great powers from the gods of old, who travels the world fighting battles and eventually acquiring quality reproduction, is strongly differentiated from areas lacking in Indo-Aryan influence. The reasons for this are many: the inability of many other species and sub-species to build, store, or develop written language of course stands foremost; also, the disinclination of other types of peoples to historically rationalize desired behavior, rather than to merely entertain or titillate, through narrative; the few-thousand-years' permissible showcasing of post-Christian history in which we comment. Yet the worldwide interest in wise, beautiful ancient peoples echoes the specifically European one, even when the trend is matched in few other, or no other, cultural aspects. This suggests that the commonalities between the different races' historical self-images allude to real shared experiences, rather than to independently-developed organic illusions.

Consider, for example, the pastoral roots of European heroes. The modern Europeoid has a historical sense of self that often transcends location, whereby the desire to conjure a personal pastoral backstory, and to explore the wilds in search of exotic sexual liaison, remains as compelling in Australia as in America, Asia, or Europe itself. The narrative trope goes thusly: young hero, potentially an orphan, is either a farmboy or the child of a minor line; he discovers inherent mystical powers and sets off on a quest whereby he meets a sexy wife (in Tolkien's case, Samwise serves for the pastorally-sheltered protagonist in possession of lost elven magic, but most other pop fantasy, including Tolkien's own partial inspiration The Well at the World's End, remains of strictly heterosexual inclination). Slightly differentiated is the Japanese, where the young pastoral trope learns an inherently racial, not individual, mystical power, from a wise elder, then sets off on a similar quest whereby he meets a sexy wife. The Chinese becomes more communal, or obligation-related, rather than individually heroic, and other less-Indo-Aryanized groups correspondingly less so, ascribing the protagonists' heroism to godly castes or the fulfillment of express commands rather than filial legacies which must be sussed out by more independent heroes.

-Taran Wanderer is a simple assistant pig-keeper, who... on a moisture farm on backwater Tatooine, having no knowledge of his genetic talent for using the force which he inherited from an ancient line, and...

...slept in a humble cupboard under the stairs, before...

...setting out from the peaceful shire, after which he...

...meets Eilonwy, a mysterious slender blonde with ancient magical powers, who desperately wants him to...

...become the High King of all Prydain.

Excuse me; that was Charlemagne and the Pope celebrating the diversifying of the then-latest hundred thousand German wombs. Let's try again...

Dammit; Aragorn. But seriously, Taran becomes the High King of all Prydain...

...after which the Celt prize with rare magical blood can at last bear his offspring:

To recognize these similarities is not to speak pejoratively about Lloyd Alexander or Tolkien, but to note how the new Europeoid is overpoweringly drawn to the idealized recreation of what he wants to see as his legacy. By contrast, the completely un-Indo-Aryanized sub-Saharan Africans take an entirely different turn. Africans, too, offer tales that culminate with triumph in war and mating, but their victories are not justified as having been achieved through ritualistic training, piety, or communal learning; rather, the protagonists' distinguishing powers appear stochastically, without need of any particular crusader's purpose. The southern African also does not flatter himself with the notion that he bred a woman because she wanted it, but because he was strong enough to take her. It is only in Europeoid-derived work where we see this defensive, highly-suggestive implication.

(African narrative honesty, as it were, has been recently corrupted by centuries of Christian benevolence, which has encouraged dutiful story-farming by Roots-esque imitation of western plot structure. Earlier, more independent ["traditional"] sub-Saharan African ["SSA"] tales do not attempt to meet the requirements of Christian plot structure. Saul of Tarsus' marketing work in this regard is thoroughly indicative of the plot structure still demanded by Euros today: vague birth; pastoral childhood showing only hints of promise; suggestions of ancient nobility in the bloodline that are not present in the hero's guardians; absorbing abuse; then, finally returning to solve the mysteries and really kick some ass. So much of western work isn't a copy of Christianity, per se, but merely of the plot structure which Euro-marketed Yahweh-worship helped to impose.)

None of these observations mean that this type of story arc is inherently bad or unusable; rather, it is the strength of the call which it exerts upon current European peoples which is indicative of the power of its imposition; and, it is the overwhelming desire for this basic plot that is bad, inasmuch as it causes the rejection of narratives, and thereof of ways of thinking, which~

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Defecation Classes

Nothing good can come of taking advanced courses in defecation. Infants are born knowing how to defecate. Truthfully, it's not even a question of "knowing," but rather, a question of the mechanical ability, so vital and inevitable in its processes that there is no knowledge involved. It's automatic. So automatic that, like the heartbeat or breathing while asleep, its absence is very swiftly terminal. Defecation is a necessary component of digestion; of being alive itself.

It's simply absurd to put adults in a room, or to gather them online, and instruct them as to the benefits of defecation, the best ways to defecate, how one should defecate more than one initially desires to do so, et cetera. If you see purported grown-ups encouraging you to appreciate the benefits of defecation, and to just get started defecating already, then you are witnessing an indication of advanced systemic illness. Something is very, very wrong when movements arise urging people to decide to defecate. Remember that: It is completely absurd to urge mature mammals to defecate. Anyone who is doing so is extremely sick.

Cutting Defecation Rates: the VAST

Now, there are many ways in which defecation can be interfered with or prevented. Evil geniuses who apply plugging devices would be the most literal. The draconian imposition of liquid diets would still result in defecation, albeit significantly less. In more current fashion, perhaps the imposition of a heavy defecation tax, whereby monitoring devices are installed at birth, and each bowel movement causes the state to levy an immediate VAT upon a citizen's bank account, could indeed cause people to decide to attempt to defecate less than they would have otherwise. The imposition of such a VAST (teehee) would have immediate and far-reaching consequences on the life plans of most people so monitored.

Under taxed defecation, the wealthy would defecate as often as they felt like doing so, or perhaps even more, because frequent defecation would become indicative of status. The idle and directionless poor would similarly defecate as often as they felt like, since they already have no assets anyway. The laborers with dreams and the striving bourgeoisie would be the ones most affected: they would take proactive steps to protect themselves from the crushing VAST imposed with each reported taxable act. Laborers and savers would arrange their whole lives around the minimization of the harms of the widely-loathed but somehow unquestionable "bathroom tax." The strategies we would see would probably include:

1) Adjusting diets for liquidity, as discussed above;

2) Scheduled eating, involving binges and fasts, in order to time the most efficient (least frequent) bowel movements, and therefore to incur reduced taxes over a projected lifespan;

(A medical sub-economy would probably spring up catering to these interests, causing laborers and savers to employ...)

3) Defecation-control dosing habits, involving taking drugs to permit the body to break some waste down in different ways, or to dull the desire to defecate within safe limits established by the NHS/AMA/etc.;

4) Intestinal capacity surgery, involving gastroenterological procedures designed to increase the amount of time waste could spend in the body before needing to be discharged;

5) Defecation control implants, preventing solid waste from forming naturally so that it can be discharged at more convenient, sparing intervals;

6) Defecation control surgery, where unwanted intestinal contingencies, including the sickening detritus pertaining to years of engaging in 1-5 above, would be surgically extracted.

Indeed, the economic motivations which a VAST could impose upon society would be utterly predictable. If a family is hoping to buy its own home next year and working on that down payment, a $5-per-movement tax would cause some fifteen-minute-put-offs, annoyed "fuck its," and essential behavior would continue as normal for many. A $45-per-movement tax, though, would change lifestyles significantly, particularly for people who examined totals at the conclusion of each fiscal year. They would hold meetings with prospective mates or spouses to discuss how to minimize the burn, employ professional advisers and physicians to the same end, read websites about how best to manage digestion, and eventually, they would begin teaching their children how to intelligently cope with savings, taxes, family, and retirement needs, in light of the inevitability of death and bowel-movement taxes.

Fighting the VAST

All of the above examples discuss ways that people would attempt to cope with interference with their digestion. Note that the interference is not direct, in the sense that there are not stormtroopers standing outside one's bathroom denying entry. Rather, the interference is cleverly applied. It is an indirect theft attributed to the general good, and enforced by the people also charged with arresting drunken murderers, making resistance to it seem to be taking the side of drunken murderers. It is also, like all central-banking government taxes, designed in a way that harms laborers and savers, but not the wealthy or the poor. The latter two groups can spend all day on the toilet anyway, one because they don't even notice such piddling costs, and the other because even if you eventually get arrested after fabricating paperwork filed for your latest bankruptcy, there's no VAST in prison.

Putting a stop to the interference of a defecation-tax is a good thing. If people get together about it, discuss it online, hold therapy meetings, et cetera, that is just fine and that is sane (inasmuch as coping with an unjust prison term via non-resistance is sane). Addressing how bad the tax system is, and how it wrongfully encourages people to not defecate--which is completely instinctual and natural for living mammals--is morally permissible, and indeed, sane. Under such a regime, we might expect healthy, sane people to demand the removal of all taxes pertaining to bodily functions. We might see people developing devices which interfere with bodily status monitors; assaulting sewage plants to destroy the records departments; executing the legislators and regime officials who administer or collect or enforce the VAST; overthrowing and noosing all components of the government that had permitted the VAST, or anything like it, to occur. All of these acts would be sane, reasonable, and just. They might well be the only way to ensure that people so evil and twisted as to come up with such a perverse tax regime, which incentivizes, and indeed practically mandates, such deplorable living conditions, are purged from this planet.

Corruption - Defecation Classes

What would be disgusting, wrong, and highly indicative of perhaps-irrevocable mental subjugation would be defecation classes. Imagine an evil world controlled by evil tyrants who have imposed ridiculous tax structures of similar types to the VAST discussed above. Over the course of many years, imagine that every aspect of personal and social life has indeed become governed by these perverse tax incentives, and that people have begun to accustom themselves to leading different lifestyles, planning their maturities around poop-management, enjoying the carefree feeling of being drugged and not feeling the need to poop, laughing at how ridiculous it is that some people crimp under the restrictions of poop-limitation, and taking it for granted that anti-pooping drugs and treatments are a fact of life.

Now imagine that, in response to generations of these taxes and the resulting modifications to social and individual expectations, some of the laborers and savers of the world have come up with a solution. And the solution is as follows: People need to be encouraged to poop. If people only strive to poop more, they will be fulfilling a duty to themselves and to the people of the future. Free poopers are free people, and united, they can make a better world. Therefore, the way to resist the evils of these many years is to make people recognize how necessary it is that they poop.

Remember how we began? It is completely absurd to urge mature mammals to reproduce. Anyone who is doing so is extremely sick.

Defecation, like hunger, like breathing, like smiling, like reproducing, is a hardwired instinctual response. If people have been adjusting their behavior to depress any of these instincts, as a logical conclusion or a subconscious natural result of other instincts, then the suitable response is not to encourage them to enjoy pooping. They already want to poop. They already have to poop. The only reason they're not is because of the financial incentives. Remove the blockage, feed healthy nutrients and fluids, and defecation will occur naturally.

The instinct to stay alive, and to preserve food for the winter, can cause people to put off, scorn, or irrevocably refuse reproduction, given the right incentives. The requirement to pay to feed other people's children can lead many a rational catlady to conclude, "Rather than eating dog food and skipping my medicine when I'm older, I'll just not have kids and try to save money instead." That doesn't mean the catlady is necessarily herself evil. It is, rather, a rational response to the government threat of, "Be selfish, think only of yourself, for if you do not, we'll put you in an understaffed care home." Fjotolf Hansen attempted to deal with things at the level of incentives, whereas many other Terrans prefer only to mock the catlady or cry crocodile tears over her "poor choices."

If we want to address the SWPL childless, the solution is not to encourage them to have children. The catlady, and her potential metro REI boyfriend who otherwise leans homo, are by and large possessed of the same human instincts that got their ancestors this far. It is not a question of "making them feel comfortable about being natural," but of changing the conditions of their confinement, which would cause them to behave naturally on their own. The little percentage of people who, in a healthy environment, would not be able to or willing to eat, grow, or reproduce, cannot in any way account for the results we see today.

All of the social responses to a defecation tax discussed above (Nos. 1-6), we have seen tax-producing livestock employ to control their bodily function of reproduction: timing life and career plans so as to put off or negate reproduction; taking anti-reproductive drugs; receiving anti-embryonic or -fetal surgery; becoming pre-emptively surgically sterile; becoming celibate or homosexual; dumping unwanted babies in trash dumpsters and hoping nobody finds out it's yours. These behaviors have always occurred in small percentages of humans, but under modern financial regimes, they have ballooned, showing themselves to be directly correlated to the social levies placed upon reproduction, and the incentives placed upon barrenness. The perpetuation of these levies and incentives, indeed, shows that modern tax farmers understand quite well that the instincts are still functional and must still be fought off.

Humans breed less well in captivity than do other livestock. When a white nationalist tries to encourage "white births" inside the feed lot, it is nigh-indescribably stupid, directly akin to teaching positive defecation mindsets under a VAST system. How sick are we, to believe that "fuzzy feelings" are the remedy to the problem? The Catholic, then Protestant, then Mormon churches have all carried on this tradition of encouraging people to pay heavy taxes to Nero, peacefully submit to the law of the Caesars, and breed as many future working taxpayers as possible. It betrays the truly dead, atheistic mindsets of the conquered ritualists, when they express the rather communistic belief that humanity needs to be encouraged to eat, sleep, or breed. In truth, those behaviors are all intrinsic, and it is by removing impediments to them that life would happen on its own. The Trumpists' "five year plans" for above-replacement birth rates reveal how poorly they actually view their people--and, ironically, how Rousseauian and liberal they are, having adopted the notion that society must be managed by able bureaucrats to produce the proper number of offspring.

The notion that these things need to be taught or encouraged is an awful one. The human groups which have used reproductive quantity to succeed have done so at the cost of developing other attributes, including foresightedness, ingenuity, and individualism. This new Semitic encouragement of white nationalist breeders to produce comparatively-more-productive, less-violent laborers, evinces a desire to still the inventiveness remaining here, and produce generations of fungible young worshipers who measure results by numbers of little variation.

Friday, June 23, 2017


Nowadays, anyone can iThink up a hundred K reasons why thoughtspace should be more diversified. The charts and even the feelies make it abundantly clear: the parent companies of the parent companies ultimately feed into a single entity housed beneath the Baltic ice--2117 2017

We could all go on Google as easily as anyone else here could, and look up the parent companies that control the television and newspapers which we have previously identified as heavily consolidated, and we could along the way notice that those same parent companies also control a commensurate share of "the internet."

In 2017, the control that those companies enjoy over internet hosting and access is not complete. In all technicality, local sub-sub-subsidiaries could hold legal title to some subdivision of the internet and/or internet access. The same has always been true, though, of the old-fashioned media we've been taught to decry. There have always been pitiable faux-equivalents of non-mainstream access to communications media: independent or public-access television and radio; CB and Ham radio; handing out VHS or audio cassette tapes; printing cheap pamphlets or independent newspapers, founding unaccredited institutions of learning, et cetera.

Our perspective, from 2017, enables us to look back on ye olde tymes and see that all of the supposed independence and freedom enjoyed by men who had invented or acquired the printing press or the radio was actually a fake. By controlling radio device interference statutes and regulations, airwave licensing, the distribution of public funds to paper publishers, and the coordinated dissemination of predetermined news topics, the conglomerates were functionally able to dictate what the vast majority of people knew and talked about, despite the technically-omnipresent ability of independent pamphleteers to print and distribute their own viewpoints. Things are much the same today, where we perceive a vast freedom in the internet due to theoretically independent hosting and comments sections, while in fact, we lack the power to collect and channel public opinion toward non-mainstream topics. We're so ecstatic at "our" success in making and using the internet that we're sure things are completely different now than when those ignorant geezers had nothing but a few channels and two local papers from which to choose.

The ability still possessed by the media cartels--the ability to coordinate news from multiple sources worldwide, while overtly or subtly disparaging alternative sources, and to establish via public education standards the intergenerational inherent mockery of what is no longer or never was meant to be mainstream--makes the internet function no differently than industrial mass media ever has. However we may flatter ourselves about our modern freedoms, it has turned out that the boundaries of these experiments were not our technology, but our intelligence.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lingchi: Undetectable Retribution

Far more efficient, and even more proportionately effective, than gulags, SJW madrasas, or clockworking oranges, would be the subtler adjustment of managed populations over time by the undetectable culling of dissidents, or, still more effectively, potential dissidents. Adjusting infant neurologics is still, in this 1750s-whisky-dentist scientific community you have here, subject to forensic detection. Posit that "liberals" mandate brain surgery (later: genetic grooming disguised as screening for health conditions, done as a response to publicized false flags blamed on new germs interacting with genetic "flaws" that need to be corrected) for infants (later: prospective fetuses) to make them less vulnerable to "hate," which necessitates removing the genetic capability for recognizing group affiliation, or the desire for authority (defined in some probably-specifically-anti-Christian way), or revulsion toward anal sex, or some other spooky agenda: the amount of people involved in these procedures, their licensing and development, and the necessary testing and monitoring and results appurtenant thereto, would make this manipulation of a population a trackable event. It would still work. It would still be an event debated on twitter, and some conservative holdouts in some weird rural area would fight off ATFE agents trying to forcibly geno-immunize their children, and once it was all over there would be low-budget movies about how the cult leader had ten underage wives (which everyone would completely believe, because rural tax-defaulters, unlike D.C. lobbyists, totally have ten underage wives), but it would still happen. It would be scary and bad, but history could, in some limited sense, remember that it had happened. There would be some form of records, or, as in the case of the U.S.S. Liberty or WTC attacks, there would be records of extravagant material disappearances and quixotic governmental responses that allowed for respectively singular rational conclusions as to what actually happened. Normal idiots would think normal things, and act accordingly, and society wouldn't change its trends. But at least someone could remember. One person in 2100 could visit an archives somewhere, read the official overview of what had gone on, and intelligently figure out what had actually occurred. There's a value in that, of a sort. Not a practical or a pragmatic value--the uncritical mass would remain distracted by some new squeaking toy--but at least a theoretical future wherein you could figure out something of what had really been.

So too re-education camps, such as Judeo-Catholic "missions" and "uplift" schools in Africa and Asia, "Indian schools" in the Americas, "universities" in the modern west, or other means whereby populations of internal ("participant") and external ("observer") test subjects are intergenerationally modified to achieve certain desired behaviors, based upon their clockworking either absorbed ("student") or repulsively observed ("taxpayer"). These things leave behind evidence, including books and clothes and locker rooms and survivor stories. Via this evidence, even the initially planned social counterreaction can be managed, as when betrayed indentured snowflake students are justly at odds with justly hateful betrayed indentured workers.

Improving upon these techniques would mean encouraging self-policing. Formal policing, as accomplished by the nightstick and club, is expensive and starting to get obvious. Sometimes, people fight back formally. Informal policing, as accomplished by social shunning and media hounding, is expensive and starting to get obvious. Community policing, as accomplished by encouraging families and neighbors to betray their own, is less expensive, and is not always immediately obvious, but creates as sense of historical aversion that, after it proves effective, tarnishes the system and its leadership.

Self-policing is more effective. The natural-seeming decision to not commit the crime is the greatest motivator. Perceptions of power, impressions of general or personal morality, and estimations of chances of success: all contribute to producing the desired behavior, whether or not the rationalizations whereby a citizen decided not to commit an offense were sound or unsound. What matters is the end result. A twinge of guilt; the thought, "I guess I better not"--mere details, these, less important than the fact that the citizen acted properly. The citizen cannot be understood, anyway. Even the citizen cannot understand the citizen. Ends are what matter.

Don't try to design a disease that can overcome antibiotics--that is expensive, time-consuming, frequently doesn't work, and can be figured out by antibiotic manufacturers and/or future carriers. Understanding how a process works causes intermediary connection to the process, sometimes resulting in side effects up to and including delusions of the existence of morality. Instilling self-policing in an individual leaves traceable effects, on both the psyche and its environment. These things are common evidence: the buying of disproportionately expensive communication material; the receiving of disproportionately free yet popular communications material; the use of communal social withholding to foster hunger for corralled socializing in the presence of behavior mediators. These techniques work well, all of them, but they leave traces. Even if they produce lifelong self-policing, they are not suitable for the long term. They make the perpetrators look historically malevolent.

Preset self-policing is cheaper. Don't learn how to understand super-diseases and then create one that selectively mutates. Instead, let the market itself provide you with the solution you want. Gradually exterminate undesirable traits and cultivate desirable traits until self-policing is not something that you have created, but merely something that has created itself, by filling a void which you have made ready for it. Evolutionary policing: the most effective way to control conscious behavior in the long term.

Want to eliminate bravery? Hold ridiculous wars of valor one after the other and let the brave kill each other and their offspring. Eliminate moderation of the digestion? Mandate the humanitarian provision of resources until only the gluttons still wheeze. Inspire gluttony of the mind? Free television and internet for all. History doesn't need to work against you any longer. Give up old habits of trying to distinguish yourself from princes centuries ago whom everyone has finally figured out to have been evil. Managed properly, history can be a kind judge. It can even be on your side. Viewed from a hundred years out, a thousand years out, your policies of benevolently encouraging trait-adjustment hagiographize you. Enslave your enemies, and you are a butcher. Embrace and feed both slaves and slavers, though, and you achieve the same results alongside humanitarian, history-friendly status. You become remembered not as Machiavellian, but merely "too kind." Bad effects a century or a millennia later are surely not your fault. All you were trying to do was bring people together and remedy their pains.

Reward every school with computers, two free carbfat meals a day, and praise. The survivors in two hundred years are more useful. We know it's happening, but we can't ever "prove" it. Even if we understand opportunity cost. Who never invented the Whatsit because he never learned the discipline of stopping at one cupcake and was therefore unable to master a new branch of the physical sciences? No one knows. No one cares. The ability to look back on history with a critical eye is made a conspiracy theory. Why did Silverstein take out so much insurance on his worthless asbestos factories? Quality citizens will not see it now, but they might acknowledge it later. The wise senator, the savvy prince, eliminates these risks prospectively. Vague references to Holy Spirits who love everyone and everything, commanding you to go to selfless war: lovely, but ultimately detectable. Stop writing letters. Stop corresponding with today's critics, for perception management pertaining specifically to their current understanding will inevitably taint your work, when compared against later understandings. Who would've thought these idiots would produce Nazis who would design rockets that disproved the firmament? Next time, look ahead. Speak in terms so general and so benevolent that nothing can ever be proven.

Prospective historiographical planning is big these days. We know the Lusitania had munitions--failure of media management. The future shall hold none such embarrassments for royalty. It's all implication. Allusion. No way to "prove" it. You are the divine clockmaker, whose existence is impossible to prove.

Naturally-occurring self-policing via managed evolution is the way to go. Got dissidents? Don't gulag them. Don't send them to re-education. Don't necessarily even expose them in the media and embarrass them. If you need the thrill of vengeance, disposable agents can manipulate "the crowd" to tar and feather or take away careers as needed. "Everyone's responsible, therefore no one is." But agents sometimes write memoirs before having invisible hiking accidents. Resist the urge! Ignorance is better. Siberia of the mind. Your friendly taxicab services don't know that address. Only appears on the ninetieth page of restaurant listings. What, me crush dissidents? Nonsense! Proprietary coding and multiple overlapping departments remove any historical trace of what opinions you actually want to disappear. Gulags show you have something to hide, while unemployed PhDs are merely a tragic by-product of a complicated economy that depends on multiple variegated factors that even current dissidents look crazy for talking about.

Plant and grow your own dissidents. Let them survive and thrive in spite of your phony attempts to ruin them. Criticize yourself without mercy. Cry out in pain as you strike them. History will prove that, although you were believably imperfect, criticism thrived and freedom was real. With real people who are a potential problem, just subtly alter their evolutionary results in small ways, all within the margin of error, undetectable to Terran history. 400 million people, 399 million model citizens some of whom may or may not commit unimportant property crimes or murder, 1 million potential dangers to civilization. 1 million in labor camps? No! Subtly adjust 1 million little, easy, plausible variables. Audit frequency, network disconnections, educational trajectory, career stability, prescription corruption, minor medical errors, traffic evaluations, credit scores, et cetera. The NSA doesn't read all e-mails in order to swoop down on dissidents. The risk of public notice is low (public "giving a damn" if they do notice far lower), but the risk of historical notice is what matters, and that's even lower.

Most likely, if you piss off the powerful, you'll never know that you did, or how or if you were punished. One hiring manager at one crucial time in one life can see one template-derived red flag and create a one-half percentile reduction in potential dissident life success. Online dating profiles, frequency of computer crashes during work hours, property tax assessments, college admissions reviews, benefits eligibility: any of the billions of tiny lifetime variables contributing to a random success can be adjusted with a slight turn of the template knob toward "reduction." Driving people out of work, out of acting, out of the Podunk County School Board, is of little historical note. Even if someone who lives in the time period in question, has firsthand knowledge of the affected individual and community, and who understands the nuance of life-effects, is intelligent enough to perceive the damage these little adjustments can do to a life, the difficulty of understanding it when removed from historical perspective is magnified exponentially. Living amidst such a cloud of "possibilities" in a system based on unaccountable flexibility, there's no way to know what caused anything, "even" when you're an eyewitness. We doubt eyewitness testimony because it's from eyewitnesses, rather than designated prophets. Spoiling the marriage of a rival's daughter into a banking house in 17th century London has effects estimable by later Terrans, but estimable alone. The mass watches Pride and Prejudice, but has had the ability culled out of them to conceptualize even mere Austenesque-complexity levels of behavior and analysis among those they do not know personally. The mass can still imagine someone stealing their boyfriend or robbing their house, and maybe get correspondingly pissed enough to attack, but when it comes to the powerful, the capacity is almost all bred out.

The aggregate effects of acts such as these are massive, particularly across generations. Even a random 10% drop in the credit scores of a targeted pre-dissident group can effect homeownership swiftness, ergo reproduction rates, ergo drastically change the balance of likely citizens versus potential anticitizens, over a single generation. If the secret police know every e-mail and website you read and have models that can correlate that information to your perspective on intended social engineering, you won't ever know if or how they have affected you. If you suspect the slightest thing, you also doubt yourself, because no one could possibly be that precise. ("It's probably random when people get branded, or with what they get branded.") Depending on how advanced their systems are, they may not even themselves know what or why they are accomplishing. "The Rubric," or whatever the relevant protocols go by, has already made the decision, and it was not designed to groom for ingenuity.

Hammers appear random. Soft hammers appear even more random. Quietly slipping comparatively greater servings of feed to more docile cattle has predictable effects in the long run. Trimming wrongly-aimed branches produces a predictable mature tree, perfect for decorating the median. The financial industry is built on a thousand tiny cuts. The retail adviser leeches a few basis points, the retail fund leeches a few basis points--this is relatively simple. We're smart enough to figure out "the financial industry" wants to make money, and to groom clients to expect certain fees. Can we imagine anyone else wants to do so? Custodial fees extend to every level of financial service, from the optional--retail investing--to the mandatory--interaction with "government." Not just usage fees and sales taxes, disguised rents masquerading as taxes for fire service, the purchase of eight hundred thousand new iPads for the local AFT, and the like, but as protection money for this or that warlord's army. Living our lives convalescent from the beatings and mutilation of AMA-bramic birth, we are too invalidated to, in most cases, even notice those fees. And most of us don't. Maybe we buy an index fund to spare ourselves the brokers. Who are we outsmarting? The stock itself already has its own transaction fees built in. Start your own business and reduce, but not escape, them. Congratulations--your cell just got an extra-wide window.

Those tiny little fees, built into every aspect of modern societies, have a profound impact. Olaf does not have an ax to defend his homestead, nor the will to raise one, because of those thousand cuts. The process is slow. If you're intelligent enough to not pay someone an extra 100 basis points to buy Apple for you, you're smart enough to visualize how subtle adjustments to everyone's day-to-day aren't pejorative conspiracy theories, but something old and explicable. Indeed, mandatory. See how the effects magnify over time. A tiny adjustment is all it takes to cause minor hosting or connection problems 3% more than the average customer. To put a little tidbit in your profile so that you go from "warning" to "ticket" a few percentage points more often than the average motorist. To add a bark collar that, even if its technology is not understood by the wearer, causes an entirely predictable behavioral adjustment.

Melodramatic metaphors aside, this specifically global eugenics process has been in operation, in its modern form, for sufficient generations to have had a profound effect, even in years prior to neuronet/internet et al. As monitoring technology increases, we tend to contemplate primarily big, effectively un-resistable, but historically-noticeable actions. FEMA soldiers loaded with steroids and alertness drugs, layered in body armor, driving tanks completely resistant to armor-piercing rounds from the imaginary protection of your AR-15, taking us away. Every millimeter of the planet monitored by integrated satellites cauterizing dissent from space. Weirdly, this dystopia is actually a pollyannaish fantasy. Outdated. Far more pleasant than reality, however ludicrous that seems.

Reality is worse. No big fights. No FEMA camps. No tiny group of rebels finally being eliminated by faceless U.N. troops. Dying, yes, losing, yes, but in our fantasies, we're still ourselves. In our fantasies, someone can still see; still understand. We have, in some form, a sense of honor, and a shared history with crushed rebels of ages past. The planet dying, but at least we made a stand, even merely a mental one of knowing the truth until the end, so we can go in peace.

These types of "police state" thoughts are sweet lullabies serving to shield us from the horrible truth. It's similar to how we once liked (and, apparently, still do like) to imagine the ways in which we would survive in the nuclear/zombie wasteland. How vital, how sexy, how real and human and hopeful it seems, to be the last of the resistance to a blatantly evil state; sole vestige of an imaginary civilization carried in one's heart; the defiant sinner trapped in a Hell of medieval tortures; the parched walker of the cursed earth searching for fuel for the winter. It's so real-seeming. So "man against nature" and "man against man" and "man against society" and "man against self." We can understand it. It might end, but it would still have been us until the end. And that's reassuring--the delusion that we would be, or that we still are, "us."

Inexpensive. Effective. Enduring. Gentle evolutionary nudges to produce, seemingly by accident, a compliant mass humanity that has been evolved to enjoy the social-order-as-is. More efficient human management means no terminal wars. No chances at rebuilding what was never destroyed. It means a quiet stilling performed at unnoticeable volume. You can almost feel the tickle, but not so much so that you lash out. This isn't a matter of boiling frogs--boiling frogs is what we wish would happen. At least once we were dead, there would be evidence that frogs had been either chopped down as they leaped free of the heated water, or boiled when they did not. No. Still a wishful fantasy, suggesting that you might be one of the smart ones who recognized the boiling and got out of the pot to have the honor of receiving death by the chef's cleaver, rather than by slow-boiling like the rest of the intellectual rabble. No, the future lies in lukewarming the frog: creating a frog that will live on quite happily, as a testament to the justice of the previous actions of a long line of not chefs, but zookeepers who genuinely believe in the goodness of their tending. There is no dramatic match between you and the cruel emperor. No grisly fate for those who don't jump free. Nothing but lukewarm bliss. Bliss that might be considered a soulless hell, but still a bliss-as-experienced, as lived and dreamed by those who have been gracefully shepherded into what we might call a perpetually childless intellectual domesticism.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rapespawn Kult

* * *

Wouldn't it be terrible if hordes of foreigners with an insanely violent desert religion descended on Europe and completely took it over? They've already taken leadership of many prominent locations; indeed, the central authority itself seems to be utterly beholden to these warriors of the so-called prophets.

After the sin, in the long age of dying, we are condemned to relive the nightmares we deserve. We are at once the eyes and fists, and under the eyes and fists, of the Rapespawn Kult. How jealous, the ravening hound, when it sees that it may one day lose its master's greatest favor! The most soothing words of praise; the scraps from the finest cuts of table-meat; the vigorous stroking with a loving hand, are no longer given to the aging husky, who has nearly ceased to serve his purpose. How bitterly the hound glares at the largesse shown his unwanted successor, and not even his own pup. How scathingly the bitch loathes her feisty replacement. And how quickly, with what totality, they forget their own glorious days, when the sled was theirs to pull; the pigeon theirs to fetch; the master's boots theirs to lick!

Dying Europe recoils in its schizophrenically hateful worship of the caliphate which hunts it. Children lie dead in the streets, unavenged; preening Muslims squat atop marble statues, encouraging the embrace of constant despair; woman after woman is raped to a bloody death, and the mouths and rectums of untold thousands of young boys are again for sale to roving Semites and their Negroid pets at a rate that makes it seem the old Roman tribute payments have returned.

What if these horrors were forgotten? In the mulatto future, Europe crumbles into North South Africa. The remaining pale-skins are raped and slaughtered out of existence by hordes of people too stupid to contemplate the end of cell phones, electricity, and even food, all of which will vanish once a legacy of verbose Obamas is all that remains of what once was. The carefully safeguarded Sino-Slavic or Sino-Semitic empires gain primacy. Though lacking in innovation, they are masters of the world, being the only ones who can maintain and duplicate some of the lost technologies from the days of myth. History will then show that the first humanoids appeared in China in 120,000 B.C. The United States of Europe, ravaged by an endless succession of detroitian financial crises, blames its troubles on eastern exploitation, Gangesifies the Thames, and turns all large buildings into tenement housing. What remains of its economy relies on Russian slave factories and global sex-tourists. Professional Brazilian scatophages and dogfuckers are driven out of business by the U.S.E.'s desperate teens, while Filipino ladyboys riot in protest at the low rates charged in yellow Europe. Saulchou Wongsis, the revered son of a Chinese father and an Israeli mother, discovers neuroweb evidence that Confucius was born of a virgin in the Year of the Redeemer, which is to occur only once every fifty millennia in the revised Chinese calendar. The world congress of anthropologists demonstrates conclusively that the Great Wall of China was built to protect Asia from the homo erectus invasions of more primitive peoples.

The megaliths of the old west, long stripped of their copper wiring and overgrown by plant or sand, remain a cheerful mystery. Young Chinese students might someday wonder, "How did they do all that with, like, only reed-sandals and maybe a domesticated auroch or two?" But they won't wonder that hard. It's just prehistory. Still, it's cool how some of the things seem laid out like grids, or how they might kinda line up with the stars.

Europe has never stopped fantasizing about what it did back in the war. The Semite's Eldridge-Cleaverian delight at muh-dikkin and/or mutilating white women and children is, indeed, horrible. Like a deathbed confessional, it behooves Europe to attempt to recover its own past--to understand its own horrid source, and the crimes it carries. Not in any way to legitimize the Semites, who dearly deserve the return of an idyllic Vlad Dracul with unlimited resources, but to understand for the sake of past and future. Our collective stupidity is as vast as our loss of memory; there are still mixed rapespawn Euros today who lament the "fall" of Rome at the hands of "the Huns," when in fact the Huns were attempting to preserve civilization against the predecessors of Pope Francis and Angela Merkel.

This is not the province of most, nor of many, for the lines are long passed away. The physical totality of younger Terra is almost wholly gone, except perhaps in childhood snippets in rare parts of the globe, for it was a coveted catch. As natural blond and blonde will perish for the same reason, so too have outward traits of the old world been eaten and spent. There are, though, a few traces of mentality here and there: unrequested, unpredictable throwbacks. That is the song we may try to hear.

When it came time to film Lord of the Rings, Europeans faced a problem: there was almost no one left to portray Tolkien's mythological Europeans. All the shorter-statured peoples, and the great, thick, terrifically strong peoples, had been wholly exterminated, and the closest remaining parallels were a tiny proportion of defective throwbacks who suffered from inexplicable "diseases" defined by "improper" genetic plans for what we now consider standardized growth patterns. More particularly, and perhaps more sadly, no one was left who could reasonably play Tolkien's naturally beardless, youthful yet wise-eyed, beauteous "Valar." Witness:

(For purists, Csokas' hair dye, and both his and Weaving's five o'clock shadows, have their darker moments in which they fully cast down their concealer and stand proud, but their fans' uploads seem to try to reflect favorably.)

Fear not; the point of this essay is not to argue in favor of the existence of "elves," or any other of Tolkien's mythical creatures. This one is suggesting, rather, that Europe has a powerful and abiding passion for extinct varieties of bipedal mammals, which may or may not correspond in any way to ancient or modern fiction poetry or prose. Formally, academically, one best views the obsessions of modern Europeans as idealized sociobilogical or sociocultural memories of one or more predecessor species and/or subspecies driven to extinction.

What will likely prove more troubling for many Europeans, though, is not the laughable suggestion that their history is grossly incomplete (though that will indeed suffice for some, perhaps most). Rather, it will be for such moderns to see themselves in the same light as the Mongoloid savages who broke apart and despoiled and then forgot about the megaliths left by the "sky gods" in the Americas. The pre-Columbian myths of many American cultures included references to the blond-haired peoples who came from the sky, or over the water, and built things and had amazing technology (which might have only been sailing ships, metallurgy, wheels, and masonry), then vanished. Scholars a century ago, and less-cowardly scholars today, attest that these myths are indications of pre-Columbian Europeoid travel in the Americas, and as a means of explaining the Europeoid genetic admixture found in some American Mongoloids, as well as the fact that the peoples encountered after Columbus did not understand architecture or sailing or the wheel, even though their sky-gods had been able to build stone megaliths. Whether you wish to entertain such notions or not, the racialist implication for today's white nationalist or European nationalist is similar: the reason Europeans fantasize about comparatively godlike peoples is because they, too, savaged and/or outbred a predecessor race/species whose achievements they could worship at, but not then duplicate nor maintain.

Consider again Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. We shall discuss this in some detail to help establish popularly-recognized trends which, we will soon see, are duplicated across a wide spread of European art. A problem with making LOTR films using human actors has always been the unavailability of anyone attractive enough to play Tolkien's elves. No men still live, and but few women, who could even approximate the wistful fey nightmares that had filled the jealous imaginations of many rapespawn centuries. Tolkien's "elves" are a fantasy derived from his telehistorical memory. They are far more beautiful, longer-lived, and more patient and wise than humans; they are hairless but for the scalp and upper face, resistant to disease, and slender and longer-limbed yet stronger and faster and more coordinated; they have better eyesight and superior intelligence; and, they are remembered as being uppity, exclusive, and possessing "magic." They share all of these traits with the exterminated peoples of the ancient Americas. Even 2017 Terran archaeological and genetic science is able to find similar evidence across the Atlantic: indications of the movement of violent feather-dancing tribes of Siberian Mongoloids who migrated by foot, eventually encountering blond-haired peoples who'd settled across the ancient Americas. The land-migrants slaughtered the sky gods for pretty prizes, thereafter regressing to seasonal (or handouts, theft, or paycheck-to-paycheck) survival, foot-based travel, and animal-skin tents. Once all those pretty prizes were gone, the Siberian migrants--like modern Europeans--had left only rapespawn offspring and myths of impossible magic and beauty, which they enviously claimed as their own undiluted heritage.

For the purposes of our current hell, what makes elves distinctive is their women: their women, besides being lithe and beautiful and hairless and disease-free, are utterly hot and superior to human women. Elrond Halfelven is Tolkien's fantasy in this regard, being the mulatto-esque offspring of a human conqueror who bested an elven maiden. Elrond mates with a full-elven woman to produce an overwhelmingly-genetically-elven offspring, Arwen, who is the reward for the rugged, hairy, full-human warrior Aragorn.

This is the modern Europeoid's telehistorical memory saying, essentially, "Where da white wimminz at?" The Evenstar fades, and the elves leave the world and pass into the west, so that Aragorn may breed them out of existence. As a result, the magic is gone. No more pointy ears and clear complexions means the future will be diseased, hairy, and gradually darker. With sad irony, Tolkien speaks of saving Middle Earth from the creepy little goblins (Semites) and the big black Uruk-hai (Negroids), even as he is enthralled with the beauty of the death of the elves. The elves will fade. Those elf maidens who stay behind with "Refugees welcome!" signs will lose their grace to the ready pricks of the men of Gondor and Rohan. It is all too fitting that, as the age comes toward an end, the daughters as well as the sons of men will be, in turn, fucked to death by the orcish hordes.

Lest Tolkien's work be seen as an aberration, consider the western canon. (Un?)Lucky Anchises gets to bed Aphrodite. The power balance works more to human sexual favor, though, in contemplating not goddesses, but nymphs: the childlike forest-folk of Greek myth who are so desirous to human men. Like comparing (modern) European women against Negroid or Semitic women in the eyes of Negroid or Semitic men, the fae prizes of old Europe are superior mates. Fey women were (or, if you prefer, "are described as being") superior to "white" women in the sense of being more attractive, lower testosterone, smaller and more slender, younger for longer, softer and sweeter of voice, more comparatively vindicating of their partner's masculinity, and more likely to produce more intelligent, healthier offspring. Western history/fiction tends to, like race-denying taunters today, portray the fey sperm-recipient as really "wanting it."

-Greek Nymphs

Everywhere that Europeoids have been evinces the cultural legacy of these myths. The literary shrine maidens of Japan--secretly the spirit-children of the god of the old mountains--who are overcome by lust and seduce a young human pilgrim to steal his seed, are complemented globally by the various succubi of other European, Arabian, and Asian myths. This trend continues to today, where adult heterosexual and homosexual dating patterns tend to form aggregate male/female, and seme/uke or top/bottom, patterns based on racial background, e.g., Asian men date Afro women and Euro women less often than Euro men date Asian women, and Afro men partner with Euro women more than Euro men partner with Afro women. When all white women are gone, they may have the honor of being mythologized like their fey predecessors. What is now, "Elves and gremlins and faeries are make-believe, duh," will in time become, "Dey grue blonde hair wit-out no gene thair-py? Das bullshit, man!"

(These arrangements dominate in homosexual culture as well, such that it becomes an issue of concern for supposedly race-blind Social Justice Warriors. When Euro men and Asian men date, why is the Asian almost always the sexually subordinate partner? Given the current victim-based hierarchy, it is no problem if Euro men who date Afro men are almost always the submissive partner, but the Euro/east-Asian distribution is of great concern to many. Even among supposedly egalitarian "gays," the notions of body size, body-part size, testosterone, and racial bodily or facial features, determine majority social patterns in ways that are troubling to true believers.)

Let us consider more modern examples, all drawing from the same ultimate sources as the Greeks, the Han, the ancient Arabs, and Tolkien: the Europeoid obsession with the doomed prize-women, and of the replacement of the woman's race by virile human men. Games Workshop produces its own medieval fantasy game with many dozens of accompanying books, all filled with mystical elves and half-elves (all half-elvenkind individuals have "human" as their other half, despite the availability of numerous other races with which the elf hotties could theoretically mate), but more interesting is Games Workshop's futuristic variation, Warhammer 40K, wherein instead of elves, there are "Eldar," a mystical dying race who passes the shaping of the galaxy's future on to humanity. A matching role exists in Blizzard Entertainment's Starcraft series, where the Protoss--an advanced race of psychic-mages with slender, hairless, long-lived telekinetic females--die out, leaving the galaxy in human hands.

Besides being replete with hot mixed elf girls (as ever, the high elves have died out somehow), Blizzard's medieval product line, Warcraft, offers more-nymphish draenei females.

Human genetic domination over superior-yet-dying races is presented more civilizationally in futuristic settings. The blending of sexuality and blood-achievement is usually more overt in the realm of high fantasy. Terry Brooks' 1977 Sword of Shannara features the half-elven Shea Ohmsford, the only man who can save the world, by virtue of his elven blood, which gives him a connection to ancient elven technology magic, the elfstones. These Stonehengian relics can protect him from the demons that have overrun the world since, well, since the elves were largely killed off somehow. If his dad hadn't screwed that delicious elf maiden all those years ago, everyone in the world would have died.

Brooks' later Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold! is far more explicit in its presentation of this ideal. In the latter narrative, a wealthy older European-American lawyer, Ben Holiday, travels through a magic portal to another world, where he meets a young and beautiful forest maiden named Willow who demands his sperm:

Willow later bears Ben's mixed offspring, whose vigorous Euro humanity is able to help overcome the darkness that Ben imagines to have plagued the realm of mere forest-folk. The parallel here is strong and obvious: between the way Ben experiences the seduction of ownership, and the mindsets of elderly Anglo-Roman lords who preyed visits to the child-daughters of Celtic hamlets once newly-Christianized jihadists had cleared away prior societies.

1984's Dragons of Autumn Twilight, too, screams its racial memories in Tanis Half-Elven (yep, they actually named the male author's self-insertion that), who uses ancient mystical elven magic to lead men to save the world, where wussy pure-elves have failed.

This trend has not gone wholly unnoticed, often with humorous side effects. Thirty seconds' searching produced this plea:
Title says it all. I love the fantasy genre, and I also may or may not have a thing for Tolkienesque elves. Sigh. So in all my readings there were ample male human/female elf pairings, but none the other way around. What gives? As a straight girl, this is very disappointing. So are there are any books out there that have a male elf/female human as the main pairing? I'm willing to settle for subpairings if there's nothjng else, but come on, there's gotta be , right? Right? Guys? Fan-fiction is all well and good, but I'm looking for something more...comprehensive.
The angst here is understandable; her words parallel those of women in the black community wondering why so many black NFL millionaires choose non-black wives. There's a sad but generally unspeakable answer behind this question, subconsciously understood by most, as to why materialist self-interest would alternately work against the women of a conquering population, then the men of a conquered population. Neither fair nor far-off, in either case.

DC Comics' 1990 Sandman reboot, sold through Neil Gaiman, portrays a mixed Anglo-Semitic fantasy, wherein Gaiman's self-insertion Morpheus (modeled and drawn after the sequelizing agent's likeness) is visited by a delegation of Celtic faeries regarding the fate of a magical realm. The fey Cluracan offers his sister Nuala to Gaiman as a sex slave, but is refused by the superior Gaiman. British culture, in particular, has accustomed itself well to the "she was begging for it" and "their men are weak" retroactive justifications for stealing the isles and their females. This one has previously referenced the trend in Part 3 of the Potter Period series:
Harry is friends with Ron Weasley: an ugly, clumsy, unrefined, poor, uneducated, red-haired symbol of subjugated Britain's Celtic peoples, as subjugated by the Anglo-Saxon pawns of the Judeo-Christian masterminds of the assault on northwestern Europe. Ron Weasley has a large, messy family, and they serve as comic relief throughout the narrative, allowing Anglos to laugh at how stupid and backwards and messy, yet how warm-hearted and quaint, the Celtic survivors are. Appropriately for the patriarchy, Ron's pretty younger sister sights Harry and immediately wants to be taken away for mating and reproduction; she ends up bearing his offspring by the end of the tale.
DC's Gaiman-sequel to Sandman flatters the homosexual Euro, too, as to fae looseness and availability; besides attempting to sell his sister into sex slavery, Cluracan is portrayed discussing his own sexual liaison with a young Egyptian boy the night before (likely an interest stemming from the earlier-acquired portions of Gaiman's genome).

Throughout this age, the Rapespawn Kult has retained its obsession with the exploited women and children. Japan remembers them well, in part, as the pointy-eared Bondage Fairies, and its cultural honesty about childlike fey is a long-running trope in kabuki, manga, and anime. Sexualized "elf" girls in Japanese portrayals tend to have pointed ears that point sideways, rather than up. Otherwise, they are much the same as Europeoid elf-fantasies, possessing the same elongated beauty, realized mysticism, and eminently desirable, hairless, yet not-quite-human, faces and bodies. The most recent take on this may be Gerudo Link, of the Zelda franchise. This 1980s Japanese high fantasy series involves the repeated efforts of an ancient race of "high people," with pointed ears and magic, to save the world from a part-swine desert thief obsessed with gold and innocent Hylian flesh. Zelda seeks to further express the residual Japanese appreciation of the forms and features of the ones who were long ago driven, as Tolkien called it, to the Grey Havens. The poor old Catholic probably never realized that he was descended from those who had proudly scoured the Shire, and that he and his son Christopher were helping the mongrel majesties bring replacement invaders to supplant their own stolen burrows.

Perhaps the best way of indirectly acknowledging this longstanding cultural trend was perpetrated by Vladimir Nabokov, whose 1955 Lolita takes great pains to describe Dolores Haze as a "nymph" or "nymphet," and her male counterparts as "fauns" or "faunlets." Nabokov's genius, in each case, was in associating Humbert's hebephilia with the telegenetic erotic fantasies of many generations of modern Europeoids, who only in the young can find traces of what once drove them to success, and who created mythologies corresponding to desires that are here and now impossible to realize. Humbert's despondent existence, even after he has acquired the randy substitute-nymph, reflects our inability to ever again capture what we have destroyed. No quantity of Greek myths can replace them. And we are condemned always to remember incompletely--like an untraceable, recurring dream-instinct--the existence of the "evolutionary competitors" we were once so proud to kill and absorb on behalf of our dazzling masters.

The Enemy comes for us quite openly, now. Will we at least have the honor of some day being incompletely remembered? Or are our replacements even less interested in narrative quality and self-analysis than we are?

This one does not forgive what is happening now. This one only wishes to remember. Our imaginations in this age; our sense of our importance, and of the supremacy of our time, are overwhelming. We cannot see, we wish not to see, what we are, nor why anyone would come for us.

These are the ruins that we inhabit. We live the fate we deserve. The grace, and the magic, have gone.

Essentially continued in The Forgotten Dead.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Death of Ukko

The Universalist Church of Monotheism, a.k.a. pop-science/Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, isn't all bad in all its components. The greatest triumphs of these normative enclosures is found not in their forcible imposition, but in the holding up of the said normatives as counterparts to implied meaningfulness. This is why any stupidity, any insanity made on the part of the belief system, is excusable: because the alternative is the Democrats, so to speak. Or pinkos or Russia or the Mongols or what-have-you.

These fabricated counterparts did not always haunt us. They are lies; insults; imaginary choices between worse and worse. Early Europa, Arabia, et cetera, had countless ways of expressing meaningfulness, empathy, and existence. By eliminating these, the battle became the false dichotomy between Allah/Jehovah and nihilism/void. The human-shaped God, the embarrassingly inelegant firmament et al., the burning bush, the virgins in heaven, the equal-achievement utopia: these abjectly foolish, effectively impossible notions are embraced not on their own merits, but as a defense against the writhing netherspace of having nothing in which to believe. All at once, Richard Dawkins is so disgusting that he can make the Pope seem good, and the Pope is so disgusting that he can make Dawkins seem good. There are of course many and variegated levels of opposing factions and factors available, all of which can be directly opposed by something or other that justifies them.

Christians did not win converts through reason or quiet example, but through the elimination of other belief systems, after which the opposing party seemed to be the lesser of two evils. Once the narrative was controlled, the choice was between "Christ" and "temporary sensations followed by vanishing," ergo Christ can appear rational by comparison. The motivation to believe, similarly, in "Allah," or in "planet-wide kinship of general social progress available equally to all," though superficially idiotic fantasies, are still each better ways to live than what the other option seems to be, again, "temporary sensations followed by vanishing," in which case it is permissible to accuse all infidels of being Hitler et alii.

There are legitimate accusations to be made against the stupidity of either false side; Tory and Labor are both exceedingly dumb; amazingly dumb; so dumb and so evil that, were they fiction, the layers upon layers of obstruction, rudeness, lies, and outright evil would be utterly implausible. Presented with the other option as something to be "against," though, the choice of being against that other side, and thereby embracing the thing which is widely agreed upon to be against that horrible thing, is perfectly rational--rational in the sense of perceived powerlessness, whereby when titans are fighting, you might as well at least choose a side.

It is a great and cosmic pity that the blinders have been so set. It is understandable, though, watching the beaten child trudge toward the fiery mouth along the path of pins, rather than the path of needles. It is the rather than which defines so many of our lost. Desperate for our missing meanings, we inwardly define ourselves by the badness we resist.

Everything in this struggle is a vice and a verse: neither the Theist nor the Scientist is of coherent mind, but they may construct a temporary sort of coherence out of snickering at the pratfalls on the other side, where the grass is always browner.

It should, by now--as many things "should" be by "now"--be somewhat apparent that having faith in our ultimate material perception only establishes a boundary which, once crossed by the simplest of future sensory devices, will negate and embarrass all of our current confidence. The Scientists' extended schadenfreude at the Terran worshiper's imperceptible-yet-humanoid omnipotence should have prepared them for this.

It is a difficult reconciliation. Perhaps it is one not to happen here. To understand any one flaw on this planet is to alienate and harm the essence of so many others; to understand more than one, let alone many, is to become the seeming enemy of these dregs of sorry creation. In a way, they are correct to hate. Who would replace a man's beloved, forgiving rabbi with the void? Who would deny the existence of the shared spirits of evolutionary by-products who, in their few moments here, draw meaning from their participation in the progressing struggle for scientific immortality?

It is the curse of the politician, the shaman, and the financial counselor, writ large. Find the world another line of credit, and you are a hero. Insist that weekly beer be foregone in favor of beginning to pay down the highest debt, and in you is embodied the spirit of malevolence, responsible for every shortcoming thus far. It is as if someone had a limb amputated at childbirth: how cruel it is to tell them the reason why all future children should not be similarly purified. To divulge this evokes what was done to the harmed ones; makes them feel again, or to recognize for the first time, what was lost. To say "You deserve four limbs" might appear to be the kindest thing for one to say to the maimed--not only to help those now, but moreso, those to come. Yet to dare to say it is to make oneself the exposer of the wound. What wicked cunning was displayed by those ancient surgeons, for now those who challenge the dream-limbs become responsible for the pain of the missing. "Ha ha, dude, she's saying you should be an octopus!"

Day 43

With an angry flash of buttocks, the dominant male vacated the premises. I recognized the behavior, but not the motivation for it. Only when I reviewed Wilson's notes from the prior expedition did I realize that my failure to make a sufficient show of deference to the alpha had been at fault. After that mistake, my ensuing actions could only be taken by such beings as hostility. This challenged the group's presumptions of authority, making it still more difficult for them to concentrate. A certain young male in particular began to throw hardened feces which he had collected in a pile beneath the waughanut tree. I will admit to any who read this account, as these mahogany missiles rained down, I had some doubts about the integrity of my profession, but these were later assuaged by Samantha's most capable attentions.

Dwelling as they were on the edge of the volcano, there was little need to speculate as to the reasons for their developing a belief in, and corresponding fear of, the "fire spirits" that filled their wanton dreams. Indeed, lacking this motivation, their seasonal dances would probably not have been held at all. I slept close to the old blunderbuss that night, fearing a punitive raid, but when I awoke in the early hours, there was only the quiet rustle of bala-bala leaves, and the ever-present rumble of fire in the volcano's throat.

One young female showed an interest in the abacus I had brought. This was my solution to the calculator issue that had so dogged the last stage of Wilson’s career. Possessing naught in the means of unexpected lights or beeps, the abacus, I had ascertained, might be a means of addressing the problem of waughanut storage during the dry season. This happening had dogged them for time immemorial, this cyclical destruction of many of their finest stock. How I can help but see my own forebears among them, exhibiting in spirit what failings I surely once myself overcame?

My hopes were contravened by appetite, for the creature wished only to make an attempt at eating the contraption. I knew well enough to stay clear, for such unwanted assistance had been the death of many a researcher. Yet when the pitiable one caught a shard of wood in her teeth, I found myself donning Wilson’s old Patroni suit and entering into the camp to assist her. Her bleeding and distress were greatly lamentable. She entered a frantic state. Exposing her gums to the others, she began a ritual I had at times seen before in the case of an injury, whereupon she would make a short rush at another of her tribe, strike at random, then immediately embrace and stroke the affected party. All while the blood continued to flow from her gums. Injuries were many, but a jolly time had by all. Her poor reaction to the wound, and the attack/forgive rampage among her kin, were mimicked to general appreciation by many, even among the juveniles.

My intervention in that case proved to earn me a similar “hug.” If you can call it that. Needless to say, dear reader, I was not crushed, though she certainly could have done. I resolved in any case to not risk another abacus, but to simply transfer a small portion of tomorrow’s gorging repaste of waughanut casings from the leafy midden heap by the smoldering precipice, where they are most commonly kept, to the far side of the clearing by last year’s autumnal husks, where they’ll be rediscovered during the trying times. Dear reader, wish me luck. Though the harsh arithmetics of yearly provisioning may yet be beyond them, they see me contemplating what is now their colossal excess, and when they associate this night with the relief they shall later feel in the dying times of midwinter, they

Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Darkening Meadow

Aryan-descended Americans are quite vulgar and racist in how they approach the issue of racism. Because they assume that western Europe is filled with Indo-Aryan peoples, they assume that some quantity of "free speech" is allowed. Conversely, because they assume that Slavs are more authoritarian, they tend to easily believe that speech is "less free" in Russia and/or eastern Europe than it is in Aryan climes. Since they don't understand the ethnic distinctions between peoples in Africa, nor east Asia, nor much of South and Central Asia, they assume that such regions are more "totalitarian" (as they define it, which really means "more honest" in comparison to their own societies), and hence, expect nothing "better" of them, and are not particularly intrigued when a citizen and/or journalist disappears, just like they're not particularly intrigued when a citizen and/or journalist in more-Aryan lands gets fired and loses a marriage and a future as punishment for some dumbass, yet utterly benign, comment. It's exceedingly difficult to get them to perceive, let alone acknowledge, ethnic differences between non-Aryan groups (other than "black" and "Hispanic" and maybe "Asian" or "Indian"); they're more likely to believe that "people/journalists just get killed there sometimes" (because there isn't an Indo-Aryan majority, they assume such things just happens naturally) than to want to understand the vast and crucial distinctions that non-Aryans recognize among themselves.

They view the Columbian Pentagon and Palo Alto as rather harmless (Aryan) protectorates which are expected to follow certain humane (Aryan) standards, but are so bored by stiff-chinned Bantu or slanty-eyed Koreans that it takes truly panopticonal levels of media hype to get them to even begin to care about public attitudes or policies in those spooky, dusky places. Whereas the life-destroyed citizen in Aryan lands might've made a clumsy drunken joke about how fat black chicks are, the executed citizen in non-Aryan lands might've been working with a foreign NGO to smuggle out pictures of warehouse safety in Production Zone Twelve. And to Aryan-descended westerners, only one of those fates is newsworthy, because only that one affects the decency and integrity of the State/people involved.

No surprise to students of corruption is that the eastern and southern presumed-tyrants are often more freedom-loving in their policies than the Aryan audience can imagine. One's ability to grovel, make a cash contribution to the local police or attorneys' offices, may be substantially cheaper in the authoritarian state than in the "free" one. Not that the authoritarian state is good in any way, but its honesty, and the honesty of its bribery, is, by perhaps all relevant standards, not only refreshing, but superior. In Mexico, you may insult a local politician for being mas negro que yo, get a public slap or pay someone fifty bucks, then go on with life. In far more civilized America, you may merely lose your job, then be of googleable interest to everyone you meet for the next five to ten years. No one will yet jail you for naughty words, but the de-socialization and future-stripping aspects of formal pariah-hood go much farther than the offended Guatemalan judge's assistants: the mild becomes mountainous, the record permanent, and the standard of offensiveness substantially lower. In America, you can threaten the public official, and receive merely a few years in prison, in contrast to the Guatemalan garrote; outside of the dwindling Aryan holdfasts, though, the penumbra of possible offenses dwindles drastically. In so many words, there is less fear of noticing the new HR woman's finely turned calves, or the countless hoards of other potential, yet unwritten and theoretically-lightly-punished, offenses.

The humane, systemic punishment in the Aryan world is something of an oversized bezoar, making the digestion appear to run more smoothly until that last fatal clog. Because we can type, "Mark Zuckerberg is a clown," and not (so far as this one knows) be arrested, we think we're living centuries ahead of the pitiable North Koreaners, who may not insult Piggy Gangnam Style. In trade for our stress relief, the number of prohibitions is much higher than merely respect for state or leader, and retaliation is outsourced to everyone. All future employers, mates, presiding courts, government clerks, and drive-thru attendants are the enforcers of our soft tyranny, and we embrace it as being our salvation from a flogging or a firing squad?

Neither hell is good; neither hell is decently tolerable. But have we chosen the wrong one? How many years of anxious, sleepless nights; how many shattered dreams; how many wrecked careers, evictions, Walmart parking lots, church shelters, senses of having failed one's family, growing old a fallen speck of nothing, would you embrace to save yourself getting your ass beat by some besuited thugs and that's it?

Is it a genetic correlation? Or, is it an inevitable consequence of certain kinds of civilization, wherein the subtle society proves to be the bioluminescent clover in a monster's meadow, going suddenly dark and softly still once we've wandered far enough inside?

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Succeeding by Failing

In The Utility of Sexual Assault, we reviewed the seemingly reproductorily-negative behavior of homosexuality as a positive, wherein we considered how not reproducing, and in fact using reproductive resources in order not to reproduce, could reward a population with a net genetic gain. Male lions that kill lion cubs, or corporations that outsource jobs, are similar examples: by harming its own species (killing lion cubs), the individual male lion prepares female lions to carry his own cubs, rather than nurture those of competitors; by harming one's own community, the offshoring firm uses community resources to fund gain for a subset of owners/managers, rather than that of the corporation and/or community as a whole. By insulting or sabotaging engineers, other engineers make more likely their own promotion to management.

In Goldman Sachs Disease we discussed the issue with regards money, wherein damaging one's personal wealth, or making oneself poorer, can be an economically positive act for the person being hurt if it is done in such a way as to make others so much poorer that one's relative power increases even as one's technical wealth decreases.

However counterintuitive, succeeding by harming oneself is necessary to damage technological and social development in the surplus-ready world. If the African lion begins going extinct because it is out-hunted during wildebeest migration by packs of newly-arrived super-hyenas, the individual lions' behavior changes in the aggregate. There still might be a few jerks who cling to the old ways of exterminating others' cubs, but the accumulated lionate mind is aware that, when fighting dangerous super-hyenas over scavenging rights, more cubs surviving to maturity is good for the pride. The species-harming behavior appears individually (genetically, theoretically, short-termically) beneficial only when times are comparatively easy--when the survival of the species seems a given, and successful competition among individuals within that species seems to be an achievement. Without super-hyenas, and with southern Africa's tourism-funded armies keeping local humans from scavenging too much meat, the lions can retain the practice of cub-killing without apparent harm. Much social tension in the "developed" world circles this same bowl: in not only environments perceived to be resource-rich, but those perceived to be resource-sufficient, people who harm others of their own kind do so believing they're gaining a benefit at another's expense. Ergo junior financial executives sabotage one another's garden parties where the bosses are invited, or, in a more direct parallel to the behavior of male lions, middle-class individuals encourage lower-class abortions or lower-class communal diversification.

Consider governments/banks orchestrating a housing crisis that precipitates a stock market crash, causing the stocks of those corporations, and the tax revenues of those governments, to be reduced, perhaps drastically reduced. This is seemingly a negative, and they've seemingly harmed themselves--and in the long term, and in a science-fictional "developmental" or "moral" sense, they have--but otherwise, by reducing the resources available to other individuals, they've caused their own resources (both the imaginary currencies conjured by central banks, and the real resources, such as real estate, seized from tax-cattle) to gain increased potency, ergo become richer by losing billions.

What makes the current (2017) human situation intriguing is that the lingering desire to screw others over does not seem to be accompanied, in most cases, by the corresponding drive to survive. Not so with corporate executives burning domestic manufacturing: they have contingency travel plans and well-stocked panic rooms in foreign capitals, and their provisioning of themselves and their progeny with power and pleasure are as apparently logical as the lion's plan to murder the previous dominant male's children and then screw every lioness in sight. Rather, take the childless bourgeois couple who advocates for free underclass abortions: the genetic math doesn't add up. All of the desire to prevent the species' growth by discouraging the reproduction of other individuals, but none of the desire to correspondingly succeed by filling the void with one's own children. This is due to the young and liminal metaconsciousness, where ideological reproduction--the perpetuation, success, and development of a mass human's assigned/adopted place in a belief system--replaces genetic reproduction.

Much Terran behavior can be understood using this rubric, and only by using this rubric: Facebook and Twitter profile design and updating are more important than having or educating embodied offspring, to many people, because those acts represent a mass human's reproductive mandate more fully and purely than a child which may or may not agree with its parent(s). An individual's genetic line may persist or die out, may lead to a more important line in many successive generations, and may undergo many fortunes and mishaps which make the individual's drive/decision to reproduce something of a genetic gamble. Will the offspring survive? Thrive? Itself reproduce so as to produce surviving reproducers who produce surviving reproducers~?

Viewed in contrast to the vagaries of physicality, gaining a following on a social network, or achieving a minor public office or advisory position, publishing a noted article, seems like a surer bet. One's ability to contribute to the collective consciousness of future thinkers, by acting as a transmitter for a surviving idea, is now subject to the reproductive drive. Ergo the passion for various social isms and non-isms. Homosexuals who are keen on homosexual prominence are reproducing when they advocate for adjusting social standards. In a hundred years, a person's great-grandchild may die childless in the war, ending the line. In a hundred years, a society that incarcerates bakers for refusal to design properly may exist. One result is genetic heterosexual reproductive failure, the other is ideatic homosexual reproductive success. This is why Terra's ideological zeal seems maddened: because it's not really maddened. It's just mating.

(Humorously, white nationalists often combine these two processes, arguing that more white babies need to be born in order to keep white ideas from dying out. That conclusion is as hilarious as it probably is flawed, since Euro success, what little there ever was, depended on quality, not quantity. Interesting to see how their "three babies a couple" or "six babies a couple" plans work out against the already-vastly-larger force of "eight babies a couple" Aztecs facing them down. Particularly if they keep buying those babies lunches and scholarships because someone said a dead rabbi told them to.)

We cannot understand mass human behavior without viewing it as a form of mating, for without that perspective, our analyses will be purely fanciful. If we see a slip of dirty old paper blow onto the sidewalk, then see two individuals approach the paper, drop their cash-filled purses and expensive laptops, and begin fighting viciously over the paper, the interaction makes no sense unless we know that the slip of paper is a winning lottery ticket. If a poor man is invited to a rich country and offered lifetime food and cash to mate with a pretty girl, and he chooses not to relax and enjoy life, nor to have children and relax and enjoy life, but instead to blow himself up, his behavior is similarly mystifying, unless we view it as ideatic reproduction.

Marching, attending conferences, arguing on forums, tweeting angrily at some celebrity: these are acts of mass copulation, whereby one contributes one's small seed to the ideological makeup of tomorrow's society. The collective randiness is perfectly explicable. People share podcasts like they share hookers; they know they're not reproducing by listening in, but they still enjoy play-acting the reproductive process. Finding out that one's idea, one's video, has "gone viral," is like hearing about the birth of a healthy grandchild. "Hear that, world? I made a difference!"

Monday, June 5, 2017

Campaign Finance Reform

Americans understand credit cards at least well enough to use them, and to some degree, understand that bad things are supposed to happen if you never pay the card(s) off. As their critique of private fortunes has been stymied through the use of "charities" as taxpayer-funded capital-building vehicles, tricking them into thinking that today's robber-barons are better than or different from yesteryear's, their critiques of campaign finance are similarly outdated, and are now falling even further behind.

Trump helped deflect a lot of that. His "self funded" campaign, as though a background detail, seemed pleasant in comparison to Hillary's Goldman-Saudi campaign, and social whining didn't want to touch the subject of campaign finance reform like it has in other American races. What a bloody useful show it all was! Not only the inverted messaging thing, but to make political finance seem like a non-issue since Trump was already too rich to fit through the eye of that needle. We already covered how the media exploited some of its technologically outdated methods of control, concurrent changes in generational training ("preferences"), and associated failing trust/interest levels, by assisting Trump's presidential campaign and presidency on its way out, specifically accomplished by (1) being repugnant, and (2) saying negative things about Trump. As the newspaper generations barely linger, and the television generation passes farther away, sacrificing a few failing print or TV outlets by making people hate them for being so dishonest and anti-Trump doesn't actually cost the companies anything they weren't going to lose anyway, and the continued disempowering of those venues can offer an added bonus by their failure being chalked up as a victory of the people, rather than the mere replacement of the vinyl record or the cassette tape. Rudely delivering pro-phonograph, pro-vinyl commercials in 1995, showing endless clips of old people struggling to carry heavy boxes of records up the stairs and across the street, is best understood as a pro-DVD commercial, not as a music industry mistake.

Campaign finance is another issue that we should see shifting in line with the Trump model. In Trump's case, rather than having the normal quantity of huge donations during his campaign, he and his family received their campaign contributions in advance in the form of lifelong business and entertainment support. Instead of having $100,000-a-plate suppers and cashing giant checks sent directly from Goldman Sachs Disease et. al., Trump could "self finance" a campaign using the rents from properties acquired decades ago via preferential sales/loans, taxpayer-subsidized bankruptcy courts, and the advertising disguised as news exposes provided freely via old and new media. (Semitically speaking, if Trump had perished of natural causes years before being able to run for president, any overdue funds were guaranteed to genetically recycle through his progeny's managed marriages.)

Teddy Roosevelt "broke up the trusts" in a dramatic blow against crony capitalism that proved a ruse, for subsidiary companies and executive-branch bureaucracy reproduced the same "trusts" and "monopolies" in more confusing, but effectually identical, forms. What America 2017 calls the Progressive Era was a managed transition of a type with today's billionaires working with government revenue departments to leave their legacies to charities. In Teddy's case, breaking up oil and railroad trusts and appointing rich men to government posts overseeing the oil and railroad industries was a business reorganization, not a revolution. It takes an exceeding gullibility to see that process as anything else, yet the European peoples' carefully nurtured abilities to have faith in the separate existence of different human-conceptualized fictive entities--courts, crowns, states, businesses, trusts, clubs, associations, committees--make this all go down smoothly.

With "charities," the 21st century sees a similar version of such misdirection, where thieves' fortunes become technically owned by angelic, untouchable organizations committed to devout acts of sinecure and investment, perpetually tax-free and offering plausible deniability to the true controllers of treasure hoards.

The Trump campaign model should be exploited similarly: candidates may be groomed early to be wealthy enough to "self finance" their campaigns, but when a show of resistance to plutocracy is required, candidates who are nominally poor can receive funding from charities. Right now, this seems impossible: nonprofit organizations are explicitly prevented from endorsing candidates or participating in the political process, which is why NPR, the SPLC, and the ADL never engage in behavior meant to influence political elections, public perception of political issues, or political candidates, nor to affect the workings of the free market by reviewing or endorsing specific books, movies, or other perspectives. The protections in this regard are similar to the rules that insulate legislators and judges from lobbyists, preventing corporations from affecting the American legal process.

Posit Warren Buffett's great-great-grandchild, born as an ordinary poor boy in 2066, whose self-directed go get 'em lifestyle is chronicled by the media from birth. He and a future Clinton-Mezvinsky earn university- and program-admission on their merits alone, then later trade inherited careers in a superficially plausible way, Clinton-Mezvinsky taking a directorship with the Gates Foundation, and Buffett taking one with the Clinton Foundation. Besides the company houses, cars, jets, entertainment budgets, and salaries they receive, they also have input in managing their respective foundations' holdings, which gives them such an acumen for markets that any good trading firm would be happy to give them preferential loans to, say, become the owner of a small leasing or resort business. There might also be advisorships; seven-figure consultancies that appear wasteful and unnecessary to those members of the hiring firm who don't realize what service is actually being purchased; books reviewed by NPR and purchased in bulk by public library and school systems, and so forth. At a certain point, Buffett and Clinton-Mezvinsky would each be ready to self-finance a political campaign, even without having to make it publicly acceptable for a charitable organization to donate directly to them for that express purpose.

Serfs once had an understanding of the basic techniques being employed in these kinds of situations. It might be common fare in a village inn for uneducated (sic) peasants to discuss how Lord Suchundsuch's dashing second son was marrying that buck-toothed beanpole Lady Petunia, since everyone know Lord Petunia's estate would then entail to the male Suchundsuch heirs. The arrangement was obvious on its face. Lord Suchundsuch's second son had no claim on his father's assets without arranging an unfortunate accident for his elder brother, and an unmarried Lady Petunia would devolve to the wardship of her distant cousin if her father died before her marriage, and an illiterate peasant, untrained in the arts of modernity, could make the accurate judgment upon viewing even the barest details of the transaction. You didn't even need a picture of Lady Petunia. All you needed was, "Unattractive daughter, only child, to marry second son." The correct solution, "They're marrying so he gets her family money and so she gets to be female head of her own household rather than subjected to her distant cousin's wife," is quite simple. There's no malignant education, no deep emotional crippling, driving the serfs to say, and even to believe, "Well, maybe it's from the heart since the Saudi donations are helping kids get educated here and Lady Clinton wouldn't ever change her politics for that money."

It's not really ironic, but still, one has to say, "how ironic that mandatory elite education led us here." If this were a function and we were being graphed, it isn't that many points rightward on the x-axis before we're cheerfully uploading ourselves into the AI hardware space governing the spray control settings on their bidets.