Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Cosmic Victors: Racial Holy War

In the 300s BC, Alexander the Great made the biggest, best, dumbest attempt at Nu Europeanism by trying out humanitarian conquest, in which he attempted to subjugate and govern, rather than eliminate and replace, his enemies. Any correlation between Alexander's mental illnesses and his susceptibility to such proto-Christian notions is not here addressed. It is, however, noted that the conquests purportedly made in Alexander's name occurred in direct historical vicinity to the transformation of roving bands of raiders, slavers, and traders then operating primarily in the same areas, from mere filthy slavers into liberated slaves wronged by all others. (Terra has always been puzzled by and obsessed with these seemingly inexplicable, untrackable, perpetually enduring Negroid-Mongoloid-Caucasoids, which is so cohesive and yet so dispersed, reappearing cyclically with each apocalypse to be the one surviving ancient lineage from everywhere and nowhere.) For it was that during the time of "Alexander's" conquests, these child-mutilating slavers gained access to the Mesopotamian, Babylonian, Sumerian, and other shared myths which they soon rewrote and claimed for themselves as the Pentateuch, then the Torah. For hundreds of years, Egypt had protected its myths and monuments from the aggressive roaming "Asiatics" who kidnapped children, defaced shrines, and worked with various foreign powers to claim control of the Nile. By Alexander's time, though, the great cities had fallen prey to Nubians from the south and Assyrian Semites from the east, and it would be perhaps thousands of years before any but the most arcane of researchers were able to notice that primordial creators of light, infants in riverborne baskets, resurrected sons of gods, and rampaging Nimrods had ever existed in prior speculative histories. Like the first person to wake up and explain things to everyone else after a completely random mass chloroforming, the Jews were there to tell Terra how the world had been created, how Egypt had been mean to them, how they had always been genuine Terrans being unfairly abused by other Terrans, and how one day soon a Maschiah would come to explain everything and give the Jews this one special city they deserved.

Alexander's empire, in accordance with his curious new policy of "conquest for the benefit of the conquered," became lots of different things. Humanitarian though it may have been, Alexander's method proved a vast failure. Other major human groups of which we now know fought wars "for reals," in the sense of eliminating enemies and replacing them with the winners' own genes. Alexander's diversity failed all its subscribers, ravaging the territories cobbled together in his name, and destroying forever countless artifacts pertaining to the true origins of the Hyksos, the Babylonians, the Hittites--and, the mysterious, roving slave-merchants who came away from it all with the best self-verified source material.

The method of exterminating and replacing, though, proved in some ways no more successful than Alexander's method. Consider the Slaves, or "Slavs," in eastern Europe, Russia, and associated environs. Various (purportedly) Mongoloid invasions swept into Europe for century after century, some larger and/or more successful than others, but none able to exterminate Europeans. Despite mass slaughter and rape, the Mongoloid invasions--which were largely Semitic in direction, but that's a separate and contentious subject, so put it aside for now--were not able to wipe out Europeoids, and eventually, enough of a distinction remained that the Mongoloid populations remained largely distinct from the Europeoid ones. The Slav was created through this massive, thousands-year project, identifiable not just because of centuries spent as slaves to Mongoloids, but through the residual effects of coerced interbreeding with invaders.

It was long before Alexander's proto-Christian method of invading--what we might call "humanitarian invading," where invaders try to preserve and uplift and integrate existing human stock rather than wiping it out and leaving their own settlers behind--that a far more successful method of conquest had been achieved. The Semitic destruction of Egypt, begun during the Old Kingdom and perhaps not truly completed until the later New Kingdom, involved neither honest invasion nor wimpy colonialism. The Old Kingdom was the recipient of frequent honest invasion attempts by sub-Saharan Africans: honest barbarism, in the sense of "taking stuff and killing people," which were repulsed. Egypt also survived honest invasion attempts from independent Mongoloids. What eventually brought down Egypt was when, subsequent to the repulsion of many years of invasions, governments began permitting "Hyksos" or "Asiatic" peoples (Semites, who had these and many other names, most now forgotten) to bring in their own administrative staff, along with inexpensive foreign workers. The influx came not as honestly-declared invaders, but as efficient labor. Europeoids have better future-time-orientation than sub-Saharan Africans (which is to say actual un-mixed Africans), but they are highly deficient in that regard in comparison to Jenomic agents, a.k.a. "Semites." By bringing in unacknowledged-invaders, Semites were able to quietly, gradually manage a change in Egyptian society, until the famous late New Kingdom pharaohs had become "black" (African), and Europeoids were gone. Egypt crumbled into a land of broken monuments and looted graves, and has for a long time been populated primarily by more-African-admixtured Semites and full Negroids.

It had worked--the long-term-planning of the Semites had done what earlier Europeoid and Semitic-Mongoloid, and later wholly-Mongoloid and wholly-Europeoid and wholly Negroid, hordes had not ever been able to do, namely, restructure a subject society so as to be genetically dominated by the invading group for thousands of years thereafter. Egypt's subjugation since the deaths of the founding lines of pharaohs is proof of this victory. Once Caucasoid Egypt had fallen, pagan Semitic viziers managed Egypt until a handover of power to Judeo-Muslims, followed by centuries of Judeo-Christian colonialism of said Judeo-Muslims, finally arriving in the twentieth century under the continued subjugation of all its resources to "the U.S." and Israel. The territory had been taken and held, successfully, for over two thousand years, turned from a relatively coherent producer of literature and architecture into a decrepit ruin stalked by violent Semites who can obey either Allah or Yahweh where convenient. Even under these dictates, Egypt is not free to be itself, whatever itself is, given its brutal and mandatory subservience to foreign spokespersons of Yahweh and/or Allah. As in "Saudi Arabia," the supposed triumph of the Arab Semites was superficial, given that Egypt would remain under the actual control of Jewish Semites via Europe and North America.

The longstanding successful model, from Egypt to Rome to, in the late twentieth and early twenty-first-centuries, central and northern Europe, has been to import the Semites' most useful assets, namely sub-Saharan Africans and Semites with a greater admixture of African than European, meaning Arabs rather than Jews. The resulting genetic victory in the cases of Northern Africa and ancient "Eastern Europe" has Arab Semites seeming to be the evolutionary winners, numbers-wise, but only inasmuch as, say, maize DNA came to dominate North America at any given point. Maize does not chart its own destiny, but is sown and harvested, or sown and burned, or sown and left to perish, at the whim of humans. The human decision to tolerate maize's molecular continuation may be withdrawn, as swiftly and as brutally as the permission of Arab Semites to live in certain parts of North Africa or Asia. Maize may persist only so long as it is useful, either as a food crop or, obscenely, as a technologically retrogressive fuel, meant to be burned rather than eaten. Like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United States, or maize, numerical predominance fools court archaeologists and ethnographers unacquainted with the retroactive self-identification of true control.

Some Arabs realize the course upon which they have been put by "the U.S." and Israel, and choose the correspondingly strategic, yet likely futile, route of attempting to conquer more territory in the name of their Jewish-derived savior-figure, in hopes that they may spare themselves slow racial death within the confines of an Earth-sized Gaza strip. Many Europeans have chosen a similarly predictable route: like hounds fighting for their master's affection, they tear viciously at Arab Semites in the name of their own Jewish-derived savior-figure, certain that they can prove themselves the stronger and more useful. It is a sad, tragic sight to see these beaten, fatherless retrievers turn on each other for their master's glory.

The proximity of the United States of America to Mexico has produced an interesting side effect on Semitic attempts to conquer European societies by similar methods to the Egyptian one. Namely, the more efficient employ of indios and mestizos in place of the longstanding and successful Africans and Arab Semites. Slave traders attempted for many years to make all of the young United States a slavers' territory, much like barely-remembered cleaning and maintenance vans unloading large packages in various vital junctures around a doubly-doomed asbestos-filled liability. Had Judah P. Benjamin and his less-known associates triumphed, the demographic time bomb would have been set, not merely in "the Deep South," but across all of the United States, with predictably Detroitish results for the whole continent. Comparisons are often now drawn between the U.S. and Brazil, and such comparisons are generally apt as to not only the U.S., but to all the rest of the New World. Judah P. Benjamin et al. originally had the vision of all of the Americas being Haiti-ish or Brazilish, so that Europe could be focused on. Instead, Europeans' growing dissatisfaction with subversive traders from North Africa caused Europe to not adopt the "in our midst" Judeo-Christian method of patronage and uplifting (the one that Americans were too stupid and/or powerless to avoid), with Europeans at that time refusing to allow foreign workers to replace them at home (a refusal that is now being rather forcibly remedied), and instead leaving them in the New World.

(The anti-slavery campaigns that permitted Britain and other European nations to outlaw or resist the slave trade were viciously "anti-Semitic" in character. Europeans who have ever tried to resist murderous aspects of their own domestic or foreign policy have consistently run into this problem. The work of making the trade in African slaves illegal became bitterly, inevitably associated with the Jewish elements involved in that trade's creation and facilitation into Europe. Any person investigating anything historical who is not a Zionist faces this conundrum. Why do western nations keep attacking Syria? Why were black people moved to another continent to be slaves? Why is the monetary system ridiculously unfair and corrupt? Why does America keep getting involved in European wars? Middle Eastern ones? Why were China and Japan forced to open to western businesses at gunpoint, and why did China and Japan want nothing to do with the heritage-disrespecting way westerners wanted to do business? Why are Arabian peoples Otherized and Orientalized? Why did Europe develop a historical notion of women being silent pieces of chattel? Absent a belief in Jews being able to do whatever they want without question because Invisible Sky Jew demands it, all roads lead to Jew.)

The European refusal of in-home slavery, unparalleled in America until too late, permanently adjusted American demographics. The Monroe Doctrine's attempt to keep international bankers/slavers from consuming the U.S. failed. Tempted by greed, the American Nu Euros embarked on their Alexandrian path of humanitarian conquest, endlessly reorganizing the mestizo west and, in the process, importing and encouraging the self-importation of their own replacements. Like so many Boomers foregoing children in place of Latinx landscapers, the U.S. had Egyptianized itself. This proved a vast boon for Semitic expansion, for the American Nu Euros were vulnerable to flattery and promises of efficiency, ergo embraced central banking--and the result was that a nation of Nu Euros, filled with Nu Euro technology, could be used to accomplish the further depressing of Europe that had been stalled for significant amounts of time. Nu Euros in Europe, still residually tied to the soil they had taken, continued resisting replacement despite the advice of their bankers. Nu Euros in America, though, cracked open Europe multiple times with direct intervention. And so the goal had been accomplished another time: Europe's people would be further rapespawned and reeducated. The amazing stupidity of the European's world wars is topped only by the amazing stupidity of the American's intervention in them, for Nu Euros in America will later discover that, thanks to their earlier heroism, there will be nowhere to run home to after they've piddled apart their Nu World with the results of their evangelizing.

Perhaps the future will be an Islamic caliphate, but that fate--so obvious; so media-coddled; so foreshadowed in Hollywoodian fashion--may prove a red herring. It seems more likely that the Siberian-Americans, forcibly injected with the same Roman Catholicism that did so well in Europe--and at a cost that, had their numbers or technology been comparable to Europe's of a few hundred years earlier, might have been nearly as deadly and horrible--are meant to prove the Jewish counterweight to the rising crescent. You must have wondered that at some point, yes? "Why are all the rabbis encouraging Islamic immigration into Europe? Don't they realize these people want to kill, or at least enslave, them?" It's not because they are such innocent humanitarians that they believe they will convert the Arabs to modern nihilism, as their counterparts have so ably done in Palestine. It is, rather, because they have hundreds of millions of mestizos standing by, pumped up on mestized crusader stories, and more than willing to win the next great war.

Again, this is not to say that the heart-gobbling Siberian feather-dancers who raped away the Hohokam were not overdue the return of the vengeful twelfth cousins of those pyramid-builders they foolishly killed off, but rather to note two things about Catholicism: the brutality (and hypocritical rapeproduction) of Hernán Cortés, which was a duplicate of actions earlier taken by the Turk-Christians in Europe, and the ways in which various Yahweh-derived faiths can be turned to great advantage hundreds of years after their seeming irrelevance in global politics. If the U.S.A. ever fights a world war against the Caliphate of Europe, it will be La Raza soldiers predominantly filling the ranks (like today, except the officers, too), and a different iteration of Yahweh helping them rationalize the motions of war. There will be no need, this time, for a new central bank to have Woodrow Wilson send the white-faced descendants of Christ-worshipers to die saving the European bank.

The great bankers seem so unconcerned about the Islamicization of Europe for three reasons. These are the long-term survival strategies that explain Jewish support for genuine Qur'an -believing Jew-haters taking over any given area of the world:

(1) Firstly, Jews can become Semitic Islamics at any time. This has been a constant since Islam was created, but to the historically disinclined, ISIS (al Qaeda, Northern Alliance, anti-Soviet mujahideen, anti-British mujahideen, anti-Roman Byzantine mujahideen, et cetera) is a more proximate demonstration. If Islam is meant to win, or if it should come to dominate through expected potential contingencies in the fog of war, sufficient quantities of Jews will possess the paper skills, language skills, and community testimony to have always been Muslim Arabs.

The ability of Conversos' histories to be forgotten by outsiders, such as everyday Saudi Arabians, is a model of the success Jews would enjoy in a worldwide caliphate. Under such a situation, the willingness of the (((imams))) to sacrifice Israel and all its inhabitants to a subsidiary Yahweh would be an effective long-term survival strategy. The cursed city has accepted the sacrifice of large groups of Jews before, and the offspring of the leader who issued the fatwa to destroy Israel would be considered 100% Arab from then on out. What better proof could you offer to prove Arab and/or Muslim identity to a gullible goy? When Turkish/Roman Jews permitted alternating "Christians" and "Muslims" to vent frustration on Jews as part of this or that crusade, the end result was always successful: those jihadists who survived returned home thinking that their relationship to the Jewish god/prophet was true and dear, and that their Jews were on their side. Indeed, if certain illusory factions of Jews operating in Rome and the Middle East had not been willing to sacrifice their partners where appropriate, Jews would never have managed to administer, then bring down, various European and Arab empires. The spread of the diaspora into Arabia and Europa could not have occurred without the grandiose, alliance-proving referrals from trusting friends and neighbors.

Consider the early stages of a pyramid scheme, where the goal is to advance genetic expansion rather than cash. The genetic game is working particularly well today in America, where some Jews become gentile allies by insulting "leftist" Jews and leftism, while other Jews become allies of different gentiles by insulting "fascist" Jews and rightist political figures. This technique has proved so successful that many expressly anti-Jewish movements have become, instead, anti-"leftist" movements, whereby gentiles embrace Jewish leadership against other gentiles. (Lamentably, Kevin MacDonald--who can be said to have written the [most recent] quality works on the genetic conflict--has fallen prey to the easy popularity and media exposure of speaking in political catchphrases rather than sticking with objective, independently verifiable genetic data, and has remade himself into a generic anti-leftist pundit who joins Jew "conservatives" in insulting African and European peoples alike.)

It bears mentioning here that some of Jews' worst victims have ever been Jews. As we discussed in Immibortion Policy, Israel has expressed this clearly by its utter and unapologetic revocation of the few genetic Jews who actually did feel an attachment to (the geography of) Israel, and were correspondingly downgraded to phonies and Arabs when Balfour went down. The same could happen at any time to any Jew living as a Persian, a Druze, an Arab, or even as a Jew, in Iran or Yemen; or, if the hammer must fall on China, then upon any Jew descendant of one who loyally used his time in America to acquire Han-appearing offspring who were to travel to China and be instrumental in managing a later potential victory over the West. Not only the destruction of life and line, but the complete historical blackout of that group's/individual's existence as Jewish, would be the reward for a bad roll: completely loyal Jews who would have, in another course of reality, been heralded as the genuine Chinese reformers who finally opened China to "democracy" (or whatever it is at the time) after its wrongful war against the rest of the world caused it to be occupied by the New Alliance. The preservation of Jenome--excuse this one, "the genome"--far exceeds the preservation of the individual or the group. If you happened to establish residency in a country destined for success, welcome to the tribe. If you bet on the wrong horse, though, turns out you were never a member! The tribes of Israel who have been self-genocided this way by the currently ascendant Ash Nazis number far greater than fourteen.

The second, and easiest plan for Jewish survival, is to simply let the Nu Euros win again. Nu Euros have been extremely useful, spreading Judaism across the entire planet. And they still invent and refine techno-goodies the best. There always remains the danger of more advanced genetic research discovering what it is that binds the Chosen, but control of academia, media, and associated funding makes it likely that Nu Euros could find that without being aware of it.

The preplanning for this course of action has already been accomplished. This one discussed it in First Among Slaves. If Nu Euros' countries can be sufficiently terrorized by Muslims to cause a coordinated and deserved response, the response can be managed such that it drives them closer to the very source of their problem. Use Muslims to inspire a renewed love for Genesis, Luke, Moroni, Oparin, and all of the other lovably stupid tools that worked so well before. Nu Euros might stop with their offensive "BDS" and "how come the Indian Wars were wrong but genociding the Palestinians is right?" nonsense, and embrace Israel as their longstanding partner in the fight against terrorism. Nu Euro jealousy over the ability of Jews to self-identify with community (albeit false, but who cares), to transcend the individual for the greater (group) good, to believe in a self-affirming (again false, but again who cares) origin story, and to deal with Muslims as Muslims deserve, can renew the imaginary kinship that existed the last time Europe spent its sons vindicating various places this one rabbi dude had once visited.

The third Jewish survival plan is mestizos. Legions of Hispanic Catholics are prepared to take over everything that NATO engineers have been building over the past century. These are not black South Africans, but people who can keep power plants and fighter jets running for a few consistent decades. Let Europe fall--go ahead. The rabbis know that Greater Mexico will have their backs.

Ideologically, there is no problem either, for Aztecs have and will have no deep-seated emotional guilt preventing them from going all-out against Muhammad. The insanity of BDSM-Rabbi's "let your attacker have everything" mantra is only fully expressed among Nu Europeans, whereas the Sephardi and Ashkenazim who manage Mexico et alii adopted there a fast and furious Jesus more in keeping with local character. The independent-minded but proactively-communally-obligated Jesus was reserved for the one place stupid enough to adopt Him. Given an enemy that obvious and singular, the Aztecs would clean out the caliphate of Europe and irradiate North Africa faster than some 110-lb Sinaloas shivving the Crips outta LA.

In that contest, the mestizos/indios will prove slightly more brutal and markedly more efficient than the Muslims they defeat. What they believe to be their "ancestral beliefs" will, like those of conquered Europeans, hold a special textual place for the Chosen People, where notions of heritage and racial independence are hypocritically, impossibly mixed with a Jewish savior from a Jewish creator. Any older religious traditions would be of rhetorical interest, but deep in their hearts they would feel that they were the real chosen people of Yahweh, the masters of the world, and destined to safeguard Jerusalem and make ready against China and whatever else their Marranos tell them. Like today's curators of Mecca, such a world's future "Hispanic Catholics" would look the part, act the part, and have complex layers of access and control that ensured their "Mayan roots" were beyond question.

Purely from a standpoint of morbid humor, this one bets on the Mestizo Catholic v. Arab-European Muslim future. There's no way to tell, of course; the Enemy doesn't make his plans dependent upon any single investment. Hillary's okay; Trump's okay; Muslim Europe's okay; Mexican Europe's okay. What's important is the ability to adapt to any version of the future, and to sacrifice as many vessels as necessary to get there. The "trick Europeans into being more like us, then let them crusade again to blow off steam" is the dumbest, and therefore the most likely, outcome. And we haven't even addressed the slow process of producing/intalling Sino-Semitics and seeing if China will eventually be stupid enough to invade the world, or the contingency of secular Christianity ("cultural Marxism") maybe inspiring another mass Nu Euro circle-death for some reason vaguely related to Asia.

Update: new chosen.


  1. Maize may persist only so long as it is useful, either as a food crop or, obscenely, as a technologically retrogressive fuel, meant to be burned rather than eaten.

    I'm sure you didn't mean for this to happen, but when I read the above, my mind shot to this grocery product:


    In other areas of concern, good reply to the Modern Slave, TOOEdit. Though his sub-subjugated followers will think you put a turd in the punchbowl with that remark, that's because they can't handle the truth and will break their lower vertebrae bending impossibly backward, rear of skull touching heels, in an effort to avoid the Ugly Truth.

    1. Yes, that was really a shame to scholarship. MacDonald's early work specifically identified the ways that gentile criticism could be co-opted to be about ideology rather than genetics. He scripted the termination of the meaningful phase of his own career. How sad! You'd think, if anyone could see it coming, it would've been him.

      I wonder if they made him an offer that he couldn't refuse, or if he just fell prey to the desire for popularity.

    2. MacDonald's not respected among geneticists who are not of the Merchant variety (BS/MS/PhD in Genetics for Commerce, not for Science).

      Most of what we have in first qtr of 21st C masquerading as "genetics" and knowledge allegedly gathered thereunder is naught but snake oil sold to the gullibly untutored mind.

      Twitterland's rabid insistence on 23andMe, for example: this is a Merchant vehicle, not a Scientific one. One's genes do not tell the entirety of one's anything! But to the idiots who don't know ribonucleic from deoxyribonucleic, and who certainly don't know what is a mutation, a Merchant in a white lab coat can assure them of SCIENCE! and they buy it, hook-line-sinker.

      Normally this kind of hubristic idiocy is found at reason.com and likeminded "libertarian" outlets. I'm half expecting to hear Ron Bailey's squeaky falsetto pitching the woo affiliated with Genetics Explain Everything About Everyone trope.

  2. (1) Firstly, Jews can become Semitic Islamics at any time.

    Yes indeed. Witness the 21st C Davidian claiming "Buddhist" or "Unitarian Universalist" or "atheist" status with sophistry and false testimony of thinkalike chimerae.

  3. One thing I'm curious about is the continual reference to all religions being essentially Judaism. I've been to services in RC and Presby haunts, and not just one church in each division, and haven't seen, felt, heard, read or otherwise been exposed to any sentiments which suggest 2d Class Status, because it's all Judaism at the end of the analysis. In what churches is Judaism being pomped as the essence of Xtianity?

    Muslim ones, perhaps?

    1. Not "all religions," just ones that promote the creation of the world and of (the chosen, ideal, and god-shaped parts of) humanity by the god of the Torah. The final prophet an savior-figure of Christianity being a legitimate rabbi helps, but even so, believing that the Jews' omnipotent, omniscient deity created all reality is quite literally Jewish. That isn't to say that any of the subsidiary religions or parishioners consider themselves in any way Jewish, anymore than the average American taxpayer thinks he is using Jewish currency to buy groceries.

      Here's a riddle: if a Scottish-American deacon in Idaho updates his church's 501(c)(3) paperwork to ensure that members' donations to support local single mothers and resettled Ethiopian immigrants will be tax deductible, how Jewish is his faith?

    2. (Just for fun, let's also mention Christian Zionists [e.g. anyone who takes end times scripture literally], the various faiths that think you can become one of the "true" Chosen People by subscription, and, Muslim-wise, the way that jihad has special exonerating provisions for Jews paying jizya. The latter would be a great part of a contingency plan for if Islam took the entire world--Jews are specially built-in to shari'ah even if they accidentally don't build up Islamic paperwork ahead of time.)

  4. I think there's a difference between end results observed by a non-participant, and how those end results arrived, internally speaking. Are priests, pastors, reverends, etc. in Xtian churches telling parishioners that Judaism is the source of Xtianity?

    My experience, as a non-practicing/non-believing attendee, is that Xtianity displays variety here. I've been to services which repeated several times throughout the sermon/homily the idea that Jesus, in his time, was anti-Judaism because of all the problems inherent in Judaism. These problems were named as greed, idolatry, money-worship, deceit/manipulation, and appealing to man's basest urges/motives.

    When I heard such themes, I was not really moved to think, "Hey, he's telling me (1) I am a Jew deep down inside, and (2) Judaism really is the Master of Xtianity and a Perfect Xtian becomes a Pure Jew.

    Nonetheless, that seems to be what you're suggesting: that the Speaker (priest, reverend, etc) is selling Judaism under Xtian cover.

    I can't say I've ever been left with that impression from any Xtian church service I've attended.

    On the other hand, Hollywood "news" infotainment media repeatedly tell the viewer/listener/reader that Fundie Xtians (not really identified by person, most times) are pro-Israel.

    The number of more traditional/fundie Xtians I've known who honestly worshiped OT Yahweh, and lovingly promote Israel as the home of all Xtian Belief -- they can be counted on one finger of one hand. They (I should say, "he") arrived at that conclusion through Bible study with too much emphasis on OT.

    I told him that OT = Judaism and NT = Xtianity and any Xtian who reads OT seriously needs to get that division straight in the mind before trying to treat NT writings as empty when not on OT grounding.

    Seems a very indirect way of getting "closet Jews" among Xtians, but I guess there must be something to the argument that I'm missing.

    1. People actually liking [the group that they think of as "Jews"] is irrelevant to any Pentateuchal offshoot being Judaism. The term is employed in the sense that the subsidiary religions ultimately serve the genetic interests of the group that founded the original religion, even if believers think they are taking specifically anti-Jewish actions--not meant to imply that carriers in any conscious way wish to serve, or believe that they are serving, Jews.

      Draw a parallel between Christians and anti-racist atheist universalists. Neither group would claim to believe in Judaism the religion, nor Judaism the genetic success strategy, nor would either group claim to themselves be Jews, yet each group has been milked to immense profit by the creators of their ideologies--a profit that would not have been possible without the provisioning of said ideologies, which would not themselves have been possible without the provisioning of the Pentateuch.

    2. Having taken "Intro to the Bible" at my college, for a required 3 credits of Religious Studies, and in that class having a prof who loved tracing things back to the Pentateuch, I get where you're coming from.

      But what I don't get is this: if instead of attending Xtian services as a non-practicing, non-believing person, I began going regularly and integrating myself into that church's populace of believers -- if I do that, how am I serving Jewish interests?

      Please be precise here, so I can understand what you're saying by suggesting ultimate service to Jewish interests.

    3. Presuming you're not tithing, it's possible you're of such sturdy character that you wouldn't be. That'll sound sarcastic on the internet, but take it literally instead. People occasionally make me go to movies, and other than the fact that they buy a ticket on my behalf and therefore benefit Hollywood, my contribution to Hollywood is minimal--limited, perhaps, to my being in a seat and therefore adding to the total numbers of attendees and minutely contributing to an aura of popularity that would cause more people to purchase that and/or future Hollywood products. But suppose I'm wrong, and I'm not as clever as I think, and the ideatic scripting is so massively concealed that I make/change a tiny assumption about the nature of my self or of the world based upon the plot.

      View this one's whining about religion from the same perspective. Partly, there's the assumption that, whatever a person says, the belief in a perfect, omnipotent, omniscient God having created a Jew in His image, affects them in ways which are probably subconscious and mentally indelible. That theory would be bolstered if afflicted populations responded to ceaseless attacks on their resources and existences with uncertainty, tempered responses, or gift-giving. It's certainly possible that many, many people who have been Christian have not acted this way, but western history since around Nicea does include these behaviors. Is it really not Christianity? Is there some other reason why Christians were willing to mass-execute Arab Semites but welcome Jewish Semites to lend them money at 29% and marry their daughters? To judge and condemn German Christians but not Russian Jews? There are a gigantic number of reasons that could explain these answers, but something related to the way Christianity develops in the western mind seems to have bearing.

      (Also, in a purely fictional sense, this one's experience with Jenome elsewhere is relevant, but that's just for giggles.)

    4. Unsatisfying; overly-general. I'll give more detail in a post.

    5. I think I understand, or at least know where my hurdle is.

      Jesus being a Jew.

      I don't know whether that's a big deal to most Xtians -- the Jewish part, as in "being a Jew is why Jesus is Jesus, man -- the worship of Jesus is the worship of Judaism".

      My sense is that most see it as I tried to say before: the whole point of Jesus having been a Jew, and having been killed by Jews, is to say this (God speaking here, as filtered through NT):

      "This is what I think of Judaism: Jesus tells you its problems when he rebukes the Pharisees. He tells them they are duplicitous, that they worship money, that they promote idolatry for the purpose of making more money, that they promote humanity's most feral urges for the purpose of making more money, that they exploit humanity's weaknesses, without conscience, for the purpose of making money."

      I don't think that sounds like God is telling Xtians that Judaism is great, or that Judaism is what all Xtians ultimately will be once purified by whatever sub-ritual believed by each Xtian sect.

      I could be wrong about this stuff, as I'm not a theologian by certificate and I'm not in any Xtian or other sect as a believer/practitioner. Just a witness to those who talk about being a Witness.

      Tithing? They don't need my money worse than I do, that's for sure. Whatever tithing I did was for education to get one of those certificates of "you passed these rigorous things, here's your qualification" sort, not for the reverend's/pastor's/priest's demeanor, ritual, message or delivery.

      No $5 in the dish when it's passed around. I figure they got my presence for the 45-60 mins, that's their payment for the day.

  5. Here's a riddle: if a Scottish-American deacon in Idaho updates his church's 501(c)(3) paperwork to ensure that members' donations to support local single mothers and resettled Ethiopian immigrants will be tax deductible, how Jewish is his faith?

    1) Idaho is, with niche exceptions carved for Stanley/Sun Valley, Driggs (Jackson Hole suburb), and some of the Boise environs, a dirt-poor state income-wise (per capita). I'm sure you know how poor people will angle for a buck of income. I'm sure you also know that poor people are susceptible to manipulation by those assumed to be helpers/leaders.

    2) The ID guy is doing what I've watched in the Employment Ads for Attorneys over the past 12-18 mos: ramping up opportunities for "immigration"-related income. Look at want ads for lawyers around the nation, what do you see as biggest "growth fields" in 21st C? Here's what I see:

    * Immigration

    * Health Care

    * Infosec specialists with a tech undergrad degree and a JD, plus >5 yrs working for an IT-heavy client on infosec issues.

    The growth has been biggest in the Immigration category, by a multiple of at least 10x, and maybe 100x.

    I'd trace the ID clown's behavior to that poverty angle and immigration "opportunity" angle.

    But don't ask me to excuse it, 'cuz I can't.

    1. Ey, you're right; picked the wrong random state. Just use Massachusetts and presume everyone at the church is white enough and rich enough to kick in a hundred bucks a few times a month, or to leave their condo or 401(k) to the church 'pon ascent to Heaven.

    2. I tend to remain silent & not type a comment if I don't think I'm correct in what I'm saying.

      Of course, I've thought self accurate & correct before and been mistaken about that, but on this intersecting subject of Idaho, immigration and tax-dodges, I'm pretty confident.

    3. (I ran across one of those "we're the new chosen" lead-ins recently; stuck the picture at the bottom of this original post. There a thousands of online screeds about how white people or Catholics or Christians or Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses are the new true Israelites, or how they always were the true Israelites, so I don't know which one she's referencing.)

    4. I think any such online bluster is likely to be either an engineered product, like the HaltRyte & its twitter-asters, or a person who signals in-group belonging wishes without much consideration of whether the blabber is what the blabberer actually thinks or does.

      That's what the monetization of everything yields: "it's popular, and popular makes money, and I want money, so I want to be popular, & so I say what will make me seem popular."